Phase 2, summer camps are likely to be a luxury for many families: increases of up to 300%


The need to find friends – And to think that summer camps could be and, indeed, represent the salvation for many families: after months in which they remained closed at home and faced school in front of a PC screen, for the boys to find friends would mean a necessary return to normalcy as well as a refuge from fears of loneliness felt during the lockdown. Not to mention the parents’ need to find safe accommodation for their children after a long time in order to concentrate on work again after having to improvise full-time teachers.

The fees of summer centers skyrocketing – And instead the summer centers are likely to be a chimera for many families. Some, both public and private, have reopened and others are doing so. But their accessibility is likely to be a luxury. Especially in some areas. In the Venetian area, for example, the new fees foresee increases of up to 300%, in Treviso the costs triple while in Modena they double. The weekly expenditure which in 2019 was 40-60 euros per week now reaches 150-200. In Buccinasco, in the Milan area, sending a child to a summer resort costs three times more for the higher income brackets: for two weeks, up to € 400 is needed (compared to € 150 the previous year).

The reasons for the increases – A real sting for families already put to the test by the lockdown and an economic crisis that has, in many cases, impoverished the incomes of a year ago. The reasons for which the fees have reached similar figures are very simple: the structures in turn have seen the costs increase to comply. We need more staff to follow the children and above all there are the costs for sanitation and safety devices.

Aid is not always enough – And in all this, aid is not always enough, those in the form of the 185 million investment foreseen by the government to finance the sanitation of the structures and not even the babysitting bonuses. In short, for a family, allowing the child to find friends, light-heartedness and outdoor games in the summer period risks being a difficult luxury to afford.

Increases? Not everywhere – There are. However. some exceptions and fees are not increasing everywhere. For example, in Bologna aid is provided to reduce tariffs and in the province of Pistoia the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli has decided to take charge of any increases. Finally, in other areas, the problem remains different: the government’s guidelines have been transposed late, in Tuscany as in Rome many still have to organize for the reopening.

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