Phase 2 divides politicians and scientists. Blizzard on Zangrillo for “the virus that no longer exists”


Discussion continues, even with heated tones, on Phase 2 of the coronavirus emergency.

First of all, the political world does so, where there are different strategies to face the “return to normal” in view of June 3, the date of restarting connections between regions.

In the last few hours, the governor of the Sardinia Region Christian Solinas reiterated twice the need for the island to request a certificate of negativity from arriving tourists. He did it on TV, guest of Lucia Annunziata on Raitre, at “Mezzora in più”, and then on La7, in connection with Massimo Giletti’s “Non è arena”.

“We simply asked to be able to provide a certification for anyone who intends to arrive in Sardinia, a certificate that certifies that within five days of departure the subject is not positive for coronavirus. It is the same protocol that is being implemented for the Bundesliga, Serie A and also on film sets, “said Solinas, convinced of the need for” extra caution “to avoid new infections.

But again, the hypothesis found excellent braking. That of Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri (“The fear that someone might get infected and put the system under stress does not exist, however, the passport on immunities is the solution”) and also that of the leader of the League, which in Sardinia is part of the team government, Matteo Salvini (“the less barriers we make between Italians the better”).

The debate on Phase 2, however, also animates the Italian scientific world.

In fact, it inflames him. To provoke vehement reactions was a statement by Alberto Zangrillo, head of the resuscitation of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, convinced that, by now, the virus “no longer exists clinically”, therefore it is possible to start thinking about how to return to the life of before.

Words that aroused “great surprise and absolute confusion” among the colleagues of the Scientific Committee that collaborates with the government, starting with Franco Locatelli, who is also president of the Superior Health Council.

“Just look – said Locatelli – to the number of new cases confirmed every day to demonstrate the persistent circulation of the virus in Italy”.

But Zangrillo rejoices and goes straight on his way: “I am very sorry that Locatelli is baffled. In medicine there are no points of view and whoever says that mine is a point of view, misses the perspective. I report the reality of the facts”.

(Unioneonline / l.f.)

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