Petrachi-Rome: separated at home, and resignation does not come …


Between clubs and d.s. the rupture is increasingly irremediable. The company also evaluates the dismissal for just cause, he wants to be sent away (there are two years of contract at stake), otherwise he will remain pretending nothing

“Follow the money,” was the motto that old detectives murmured when they were dealing with a difficult case to solve. Here, if you wanted to try to explain what is happening on the upper floors of Rome, after all we would find ourselves stumbling upon such a phrase.

High tones

On the other hand, history is known. The d.s. Petrachi is now on a collision course with the entire top of the club. President Pallotta, in yesterday’s interview, did not even mention him – indeed, it is probable that the laudatory sentences about him have been omitted: even worse – while the CEO Fienga – who defended him as long as he could – is finding it increasingly difficult to get him accepted in an environment where Fonseca tolerates him, but most of the players seem to have rusty towards him because of the always muscular performances towards them. If Thursday the message he sent to Pallotta – written (and even sweetened) by the trusted Horse, trusted man of the d.s. – it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, the situation had been complicated for some time, also because almost every Petrachi’s externalization – not too equipped to be in front of the cameras – had been a harbinger of problems, so much so that for a period they have been asked to avoid them. After yesterday’s confrontation in high tones with the top management – who also evaluate a dismissal for just cause – in a normal world one would come to the resignation, but Italy – not only in football, it is clear – at all levels it does not shine for such operations. So Petrachi wants to be sent away also in order to take the other two years of contract he has with the Giallorossi company (at about one million net per year), otherwise he will remain pretending nothing, also strong of the fact that the men he brought with them they cost, even if this will not be the problem.

The project remains

The impression is that Petrachi is now superfluous. For the time being, the outgoing market is not able to have a profitable impact, while the incoming market – which has Pedro and the redemptions of Smalling and Mkhitaryan as focal points – is working well for Franco Baldini and, subliminally, Fonseca himself . But what annoys the management most is the sense of omnipotence that is animating the d.s. The continuous use of the pronoun “I” and the possessive (“my team, my players”), the fact that he repeats that he cannot make “Petrachi” – as if it were a category of the spirit -, the boundless pride that means that he never wants to be questioned, the fact that he does not feel defended enough, when instead – and has been reminded – the leadership was brought before the federal court because of his media slips (the Dzeko case) and obviously sided with him. Now what Petrachi is asked at the moment is only one thing: now that the season is about to restart and Rome still has important goals, with words and attitudes you do not create confusion that will distract the team. Then, when the dust has settled, it will be consensual farewell and with obvious (partial) severance. Also because it has been seen that Petrachi can live without Rome and, above all, Rome can live without Petrachi.

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