Petagna-Rodman, the greeting video of the former NBA star cost 500 euros (and did Andrea think she was a woman?)


As was easily predictable, the greeting video message sent by Dennis Rodman to Andrea Petagna has depopulated the latter’s Instagram page, where he obtained over 200,000 views and hundreds of comments.

And patience if it later emerged that the footage in question would actually have been paid for by someone (probably from friends of the Spal striker) through the platform that, upon payment of a certain amount (in the case of Rodman, 600 dollars, equal to 552 euros), allows you to request a video from a celebrity to receive birthday greetings or messages of various kinds. To support the hypothesis of the paid video, two details: in the 30-second clip the ex star of the Chicago Bulls makes an explicit reference precisely to the friends of the footballer owned by Napoli (All your friends love you, in fact says Rodman ) and also dressed like in the promotional videos that are on his page ( Andrea, not crazy? Dennis Rodman is calling you, the ex NBA champion begins in the video message, who then continues by citing Petagna’s nickname and asking him what it means (Andrea, the bulldozer. But what does this nickname mean? What do you do many goals?).

For the truth at some point Rodman seems to think Petagna is a woman (in the Anglo-Saxon world the name Andrea especially female), because he calls it honey (or, sweetness), before talking to him about his daughter Trinity, a football player (already in the lap of the American youth national team, with whom to make the Under 20 World Cup). Look for it! – the advice that the basketball legend gives to Petagna -. Maybe someday you will meet her and send me a message to tell me: “Dennis, you know what? You were right, good like me. She is also a bulldozer! a Rodman “. All your friends love you Andrea. Respect, respect, respect. Keep it up.

Next to Petagna’s social thanks for the video message received (Thanks @dennisrodman, you know how much I am your fan. I hope to meet you soon, @trinity_rodman), then Spal’s video response to Rodman’s question on the explanation of his arrived (also via Instagram) nickname, with a compilation of the attacker’s latest goals. We are happy to answer your question about Petagna, Dennis.

June 4, 2020 (change June 4, 2020 | 12:14)


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