Perugia, a 15-year-old girl was allegedly raped in the historic center


A 15-year-old girl was reportedly raped in the city center Perugia. Law enforcement investigations are ongoing. According to a first reconstruction of the facts, reported by various local newspapers, the young student met a friend, recently known, and went with him to have a drink in a bar in the center. According to the story told by the young woman to the Carabinieri, who investigate coordinated by the prosecutor Giuseppe Petrazzini, the two would have gone to an alley, where the violence would have occurred.

The victim suffered injuries compatible with the violence

The 15-year-old allegedly was rescued by an ambulance from 118 around 10 pm yesterday and transported to hospital, where injuries compatible with the violence were found, which could be healed in 40 days. The girl was also subjected to analysis to verify if her attacker made her drunk or drugged her.

The images of the cameras are being examined

Investigators are also checking the footage of the security cameras in the historic center chasing the couple together before the attack and then the young man alone who leaves the place of violence. The adult wanted for the violence, however, would have already been identified.

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The note of the Municipality of Perugia

The Municipality of Perugia intervenes on the matter: “The municipal administration expresses its closeness to the minor rescued in the historic center, the victim of violence being investigated last Wednesday evening”. And again: “Episodes like this – highlighted the commissioner Merli – testify to the urgent need for a system of shared values. We will follow the ongoing investigations with attention and participation”.

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