Persona 4 Golden, the release date is (almost) official on PC Steam –


Golden 4 person is about to come up PC: only the announcement is missing, but everything tells us that the Atlus masterpiece will arrive on Steam the next June 13, 2020. Not only are the “usual suspects” to know of the arrival of the game, but also on the database of Valve’s shop all the details of this Japanese RPG have appeared. All we have to do is wait for the PC Gaming Show on June 13th.

One of the most awaited news from PC players is practically confirmed: Persona 4 Golden, one of the best Japanese role-playing games in recent years, will arrive on Steam on June 13th. The game will be made available immediately after the announcement by Atlus, which will take place during the PC Gaming Show. By the way, follow him live with us.

To confirm the news there are insiders like Nibel, but also Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad and the Gamatsu website. But above all SteamDB does it, the site that scours the database of the Valve shop (also) to find information on the games that will be offered for sale.

The game appears to be protected by Denuvo, at least as far as can be seen from the Denuvo support page dedicated to Persona 4 Golden. The game’s Steam icon was also found. In other words, only the official and the price are missing.

At this point we wouldn’t mind seeing some other porting, like the one for Nintendo Switch or confirmation of the arrival of P3 in the same way. Would you be interested?

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