Persona 4 Golden arrives this week on PC, hunted down references on Steam


Waiting for the announcements of Atlus at the next PC Gaming Show 2020, the insider Sabi has anticipated the times by unveiling with some confidence the arrival of Person 4: Golden on PC and carrying as proof an ID found on SteamDB.

Sabi had published a tweet as early as yesterday which had subsequently been removed. The insider returned to the attack today with a new post, this time accompanied by some information. According to his words, one of his sources would be in possession of the Golden 4 person which will be announced soon on PC. The leak seems to be accompanied by the reference found on SteamDB with lots of ID and upload dates.

Sabi then raised by announcing the arrival of Person 3 even if at the moment it is not clear in what form and with what characteristics. Persona 4 Golden was released back in 2013 exclusively on PS Vita and received praise from critics and audiences, also winning a PlayStation Awards. We just have to wait for the PC Gaming Show 2020 scheduled for Saturday 13 June. In fact, Atlus has announced the arrival of important news for this occasion.

Update – According to reports from other insiders such as Nibel and Wario64, Persona 4 Golden will be announced on Saturday 13 June at the PC Gaming Show and immediately made available for download from Steam.

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