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Xbox Series X take advantage of a SSD and a new data management system in terms of I / O that represents a significant step forward compared to the current generation, but how does it stand compared to the speed of PS5 and his phantom solid-state memory?

According to Jason Ronald, the chief designer of Xbox Series X for Microsoft, “things are going beyond the numbers that we could share or not, “he said during a long and interesting interview with the Xataka site, which also revealed a sort of arrow to PS5 on TFLOPS and variable frequencies.

The reference in this case is to the famous SSD of PS5, which in fact reports a data transmission speed practically Double compared to that of the Xbox Series X. In the interview the Microsoft designer is asked if this is clear downside on paper it can be translated into an evident gap in the performance of the machines, but according to Ronald to evaluate the actual state of things one must take into consideration the whole system built for data management in the new Microsoft console, or what has been called the Xbox Velocity Architecture.

In fact, this high-sounding name indicates not only the SSD but a complex of elements that are part of an organic system capable of guaranteeing truly next-gen data management for the Xbox Series X.

In truth, this is information already released at the time of the first complete presentation of the hardware, but which was again illustrated by Ronald in more detail: “First of all, the Xbox architecture philosophy concerns a lot of more than just an SSD owner, “said the console designer.

It is true that the latter is the heart of the system Xbox Velocity Architecture, but it must be considered an integral part of various elements: in addition to the NVMe SSD, there are hardware blocks dedicated to data decompression capable of maximizing the performance of the subsystem dedicated to I / O, capable of taking away a large workload from the CPU. If this hardware block did not exist, various CPU cores should be dedicated to data decompression, a problem instead solved by the dedicated system.

“We also have a new API called Direct Storage which allows us direct access to the NVMe controller, which can make input / output operations much more efficient, “explained Ronald and there is also the Sampler Feedback Streaming which” allows you to load textures faster “and makes sure that the SSD drive acts as “a physical memory multiplier”.

In the same interview, the Xbox Series X designer also described how backward compatibility is an integral part of the new console’s system, automatically allowing old games to run with maximum resolution and instant uploads.

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