Pepe Reina, an ironic post detonates a new social storm


TORINO – Long Twitter post by Pepe Reina, criticized by a part of the community for showing right-wing sympathies. However, the words of the Aston Villa goalkeeper, owned by Milan, are cryptic interpreted by many as ironic: “I’m sorry I’m not an intellectual and I speak from the heart – the words of the Spanish goalkeeper – i’m sorry some people don’t understand that living 15 years out of Spain develops a constant feeling of desire, to want to see her well, healthy, worthy of her sovereigns and desired by anyone who knows her. I feel it as a legitimate and essential right, a legacy received by all those who have lost their lives for our country and that it does not seem permissible to put at stake. I am sorry I am not able to be indifferent to lies and injustices“.

Reina’s message

Reina continues: “I deeply feel that the defense of freedoms and guarantees of coexistence in a constitutional framework can be interpreted as a form of fascism. I also feel that I am not able to be more coherent for someone, but I have a very clear conscience and ideas and I am proud to share my life and my affections with people of all ethnicities, sexual conditions, religious beliefs and purchasing power . We are in the 21st century and there are still people who think in black and white, demanding freedom while whipping anything that doesn’t fit their binary code. In times of labels and other simplifications, that’s how I really think and who doesn’t like or isn’t interested. I’m sorry“.

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