Pelosi, remove statues of the Confederates – North America


The speaker of the Chamber Nancy Pelosi has asked for the removal of all the statues of the Confederates that are located on Capitol Hill, the seat of the American Congress.In a letter to the joint commission of the Chamber and the Senate that deals with the library and the collection of statues of Capitol Hill, Pelosi asked to “begin removing immediately” a dozen statues in the halls of Congress representing men associated with the Confederate history of racism and slavery. “If on the one hand I believe it is imperative not to forget our history so that it does not happen again, I also believe that there is no room to celebrate the bigoted violence of some men in the venerated congress halls”.

Meanwhile, the US Navy prohibits the Confederate battle flag from its bases, ships, planes and submarines. The decision follows the one already made by the Marine Corps months ago. While defense secretary Mark Esper and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy are considering changing names to ten of the most important military bases in the United States, that is, those named after Confederate heroes. These include Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Benning in Georgia and Fort Hood in Texas. The Confederate flag, the current version of which was approved on March 4, 1865, has long been the subject of controversy in the country. For some it is a symbol that represents slavery and white supremacy while for others it represents southerner pride.

And there is also a battle over the names of American military bases, many of which are dedicated to Confederate personalities. “Our history as the largest nation in the world will not be tampered with. Respect our army!”: Donald Trump’s anger falls on the proposal to rename the military bases of the United States that bear the names of Confederate heroes, put forward by the same vertices of the Pentagon. An episode that risks fueling tensions between the president and defense secretary Mark Esper.


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