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They tell you: throw an eye in Puglia, and it is immediately clear that there is already a scuffle, the game of the regional ones has begun and is announced to be long and not at all obvious.
To understand: Michele Emiliano, the outgoing governor, only against everyone.
To understand this better: they surrounded him and the first polls, as far as they can count since they are the first, give him about 7 points behind the center-right candidate, Raffaele Fitto.

Do I have the voice of a scared one ?, asks Emiliano with his vocation as a rally, as a magistrate on leave – (Keeping a job frees me from the blackmail of politics) – which was done ten years before by the mayor of Bari, from 2004 to 2014, nicknamed Sheriff, the legality seen and applied from the left, and then another five in command of the Region , forced to face complex and dramatic issues – Ilva, Tap, Xylella – in continuous lacerating conflict with leaders and heads of the Democratic Party – (they consider me a necessary evil) – which in the end are always forced to trust this curious tall and big character , feignedly brusque and instead a great communicator, reckless, smart and ambitious.

Of course this time the game was very complicated. It was fifteen years since the center-right was unable to present itself united, and at this round we try with Fitto, for a long time the prototype of the perfect berluscones – always combed, trousers with stripes, never dandruff on the jacket – for now enrolled by Giorgia Meloni, who imposed it on the same Knight (malmostoso, with a dose of resentment) and Matteo Salvini, who would have preferred instead Trifone Altieri called Nuccio (before arguing, this Altieri was so close to Fitto, that he even wanted him as a witness of his legendary wedding; legendary because in the wedding list Altieri inserted a magnificent trullo, spotted in the countryside of Polignano a Mare: Give it to me, it will always remind us of our wonderful day).

Together with Fitto and Emiliano, then Antonella Laricchia, official five-star representative, Mario Conca, former stormy regional councilor of the region, and Renziano Ivan Scalfarotto, Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, but here a spoiler and representative of the cartel made up of Italia Viva, Action and + Europe.

(President Emiliano: Scalfarotto friendly fire?
Ivan was coordinator of my secretariat. He went around saying so beautiful things about me that I was embarrassed. Now I see that Renzi first puts him on the run, and then delegitimizes him, telling Zingaretti that if the Pd gave up my name, he would be willing to find a common candidate. But Renzi, so no wonder.
Renzi never liked her.
Look: at the beginning, I thought, like many others, that he was an innovator. Then, it was 2015, one day I ventured to tell him: you are stabilizing 100 thousand teachers, yet you have it all against you, try to ask yourself why. Do you know how to react?
Text me: the election campaign do it yourself.
In the one that has just started, Ditto already on.
I would have feared a new, fresh, friendly, full of humanity opponent. Instead they present themselves with Fitto, a dark formidable careerist….
Thick scares her.
Cosaaa? Let’s not joke. Rather: let’s say that Fitto, for years, passed himself off as a center-right man, a liberal … instead, inside, a radical sovereignist and, after all, a man of pure right.
She detested by those of the M5S.
Curious, isn’t it? I have always been accused of being pro-grill, for now, in government with Grillo and Di Maio, there are them, Renzi and the Democratic Party.
Current relations with the Democratic Party?
As you know, I have not renewed the card. But this obviously does not prevent me from continuing to be leftist, to have Enrico Berlinguer as a beacon, to think first of all of the workers, the peasants, the migrants, the least….
They accuse her of being populist.
correct to call me populist. I am an institutional populist.
In the election campaign, the accusation of having accepted that basket of furry mussels and sea bass from Gerardo Degennaro, an entrepreneur who then ended up under arrest.
By now an element of color. Except that that story had no judicial or ethical profile: a legend. On the contrary, the defamation cases I won are true).

While we are saying goodbye, an agency arrives on the phone where Renziana Teresa Bellanova, Minister of Agriculture, also gives a push to Scalfarotto. If Zingaretti agrees, the current candidates can be put aside.
Emiliano, one last thing: but that Berlinguer quote? I attended the last rally that he held here in Bari, with my sister Simonetta on his shoulders. A strong emotion, still intact.

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