Paying in cash changes the law from July 1st


The law changes and from July 1st paying in cash will be more difficult. Many purchases can only be made by check or bank transfer.

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The road is inevitably that: a cash less and less used e electronic payments increasingly popular.

After all it is the best way to avoid the money laundering and thetax evasion. In short, an obligatory path and which, apparently, we have already taken.

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From July 1st, in fact, the law will require us not to use cash for payments above € 1999.99.

How will this change affect our lives? Let’s try to find out together.

Pay in cash: I changed the law

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THE cash payments from 2,000 euros to go up they will become outlawed.

We are not just talking about a payment of goods but also of gifts, donations and similar: who will receive more than 1,999.99 euros, even if they were a gift or as a donation, will suffer a very severe sanction, up to 50 thousand euros.

According to the decree n. 124/2019 Bank transfer or check not transferable, credit card or cash machine they will be the only lawful means of payment for sums from 2 thousand euros upwards.

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Any exchange of cash it will be part of this new ban, which is why the new legislation affects not only entrepreneurs or companies, but all citizens.

And to think that this is only the beginning: the limit of 2,000 euros will remain valid for a year and a half and then drop even further, reaching from 9 January 2022 to 999.99 euros.


Are there any exceptions? One apparently yes. Are exempt from this prohibition, i payments that occur by contract or custom in cash, such as installments from the dentist or similar.

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How will this affect our lives? Well, in principle it is simply a new habit to be acquired: at least for the moment, in fact, the limit figure is sufficiently raised to not affect daily payments.

One way to start getting used to a cash which, as it opens, will become less and less part of our lives.

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