Pay the postal order saving on commissions


Paying the postal order saving on commissions is possible both with the post office and with the bank. The digital services made available also include the method of paying postal bills, avoiding endless files at the post office and wasting time. The solution is at your fingertips: just one click. Many of their bank’s services are unaware of the possibility of paying the classic bulletin from the comfort of their home using home banking. Usually a commission is added to taxes and domestic utilities paid by postal order. With electronic systems, the cost of the commission is lower than the amount paid at the post office.

For those linked to the old postal bulletin

Especially older people prefer to follow the classic ritual: go to the post office, fill in the bulletin and pay. In this case you pay a commission of 0.70 cents for those over 70 while for all others the commission is set at 1.50 euros. The costs indicated above refer to traditional postal bulletins. There are other payments with even more onerous commissions. We are talking about Mav, Rav and F35, the latter used for late payment of tax collection files. The commissions applied are 1.63 euros. Not to mention going to the bank to pay directly: it ranges from 1 euro to 4 euro. In tobacconists and Sisal / Lottomatica centers the additional cost is 2 euros.

Pay the bulletin from the comfort of your home

To save money, pay the online newsletter. If you do it from the Poste Italiane portal it costs 1 euro but you must be a Postepay card holder or a Bancoposta bank account.

For those who have a bank account and access to the lender’s app, they must check the commission costs with the same bank. Commission prices usually range from 1.50 to 2.60 euros.

Another solution that is making headway and that allows savings is Libero Pay. With the Libero mail account, you access the service and use your Maestro, Visa, MasterCard or VPAY credit card to pay. The commission is 1.50 euros for all types of postal bulletins. In this case, paying the postal order saving on commissions is super convenient.

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