“Pay off your debts, give us back 3 billion of excise duties” – Libero Quotidiano


Tense nerves between Confindustria and the government at Villa Pamphili. On Twitter he is the number one for industrialists Carlo Bonomi to make public the disappointing confrontation he had with the premier Giuseppe Conte to the States General: “The Redundancy fund has been anticipated to a large extent by the companies and will be so for a further 4 weeks. severe delays also for the procedures announced in support of liquid assets. Italian economic measures have proved more problematic than European ones “.

“The commitment against a new painful one recession – recalls Bonomi – can only be successful if we do not hide the faults and mistakes made by everyone in the past 25 years. Now contracts / debts are honored towards the companies “. Confindustria also asks” immediate respect for the sentence of the judiciary that imposes the refund of 3.4 billion euros of energy excise, improperly paid by companies and withheld by the state despite the ruling of the Court of Cassation that requires its return. “They seem small, in light of the possible agreement on the Recovery Fund, but it is a sensational blow, especially at the political and image level for the premier.

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