Parma-Inter, the Nerazzurri did very well. AC Milan technical is appropriate to the times


The anomalous championship is still generating a surprise. Quality, technique count, but not an end in itself. The strong bourgeoisie of football counts, the teams put on the pitch well, of medium quality, but very physical. Bologna, Parma, Cagliari, Verona, the new Naples. Anyone who does not have enough class to support the physical diaspora loses. To confirm, the last six of 12 games have made just 3 points. While among the top eight only Lazio and Inter have left points in the last 16 games. Distances get worse.

Roma have three games of detachment from Atalanta, objectively now out of the Champions League. The match against Milan demonstrates the good quality of both, but Roma look for the ball, not the goal. academic and rather involved in defense. The Milan continues in the second half like intentions and scoring. an ideal team for this slow and technical period. Rebic an invention of Pegs. It has always made its difference with speed and strength, a connection between parts of the pitch, never a goleador. Today he looks like a more powerful Mertens. He does not miss an opportunity and has fun. Once Sarri right on Mertens told me how little the wisdom of football was worth: no one had noticed at 28 years that Mertens was an extraordinary center forward. But technicians are not always wrong, it is often men who change. Rebic believes in what he does today and has a good team.

Meanwhile, Atalanta is back in the Champions League and reached 80 goals in 28 games, 2.86 per game. With the idea of ​​Champions the idea of ​​a different football for Rome sets, always studious, almost never intelligent. It seems at the end of a cycle full of second and third places, many convinced participations, never a victory. Then there is Inter: it seems to me a broad result, but the first rule of football respect the field. it was a different, more tired Inter without Eriksen, without Lautaro, without quality despite the low rhythm, with few changes of speed. My impression that it went very well in Parma. Maybe a wish.

June 29, 2020 (change June 29, 2020 | 07:02)


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