Parma-Inter 1-2, De Vrij and Bastoni in the final save a blunt Inter


Two goals in four minutes save Inter, stunned for most of the match against organized Parma, but capable of a kidney shot worthy of a sprinter. De Vrij headed the goal by Gervinho and Bastoni, always headed, packs overtaking. An authentic twist. D’Aversa on the Emilian bench is annihilated. Conte in the stands jumps like a cricket. The changes are decisive and allow the Nerazzurri to breathe after a game all uphill and for long stretches to forget. Three fundamental and unexpected points that will not serve to assault the primacy of Juventus, 8 points away, but send Atalanta to minus 4 after the Bergamo players, winning in Udine, had gone to minus one. Third place is certainly not safe. Gasperini has won his last six games and in this time has recovered 8 points to Conte. The Nerazzurri coach was looking for answers, which he found only in the excited final. Only pride and fortitude keep Inter. Gervinho, after a quarter of an hour, had turned the game on the Parma side. But post lockdown football is also this. In the final, Parma crashed, so much so that Sepe avoided Young’s 3-1 with a miracle.

Conte in Emilia applies the turnover with six changes, above all he revolutionizes the defense which has always been the stronghold of his successes and now, suddenly, it has become the weak link. In 2020, only once in ten did Inter manage to keep the goal clean. Skriniar, Ranocchia and Bastoni had played against Sassuolo, this time it’s up to D’Ambrosio, De Vrij and Godin. Even the attack for long stretches does not affect. Eriksen is out of the game and the twins of the goal, Lukaku and Lautaro, face a serataccia.

The Nerazzurri are looking for breadth, Parma play vertically. Gervinho, after a quarter of an hour, makes perfect use of Kucka’s long cut. The Ivorian skips Candreva, takes advantage of D’Ambrosio’s indecision and after returning to the center he strikes the innocent Handanovic. Fortunately for Inter, Cornelius is not inspired like Marassi, where he had scored a hat-trick at Genoa and first kicks Gervinho’s perfect counterattack to the stars and then deflects outside the center of the area. The Contians are dangerous in a couple of scrums, but Sepe remains idle for the entire first half. Lukaku dismisses Barella who misses the goal and the center forward himself misses the oversize shot after a nice low cross from the right by Candreva.

In the second half, Inter is more determined also because Parma dangerously lowers the center of gravity and tries to hit the counterattack. Handanovic, with a leap, saves on the shooting shot of Juventus from Kulusevski. Lukaku often expands to encourage the insertion of midfielders, Barella is more in the game, but it is not enough. So Conte plays it all with a triple change: outside the unwatchable exterior Candreva and Biraghi for Moses and Young and especially Sanchez for Eriksen. The Chilean immediately commits Sepe. Then come the ransom goals. Inter do not raise the white flag. On 1-1 also favored by the expulsion of Kucka who leaves Parma in ten. But to keep Atalanta behind from here to the end it will take more.

June 28, 2020 (change June 29, 2020 | 00:10)


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