Parma, D’Aversa: ‘I had the coronavirus’ – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The Emilian coach says: “Several days after the race with the Spal I had a little fever, mild symptoms. The serological test confirmed that I contracted Covid. Now it’s nice to be able to go back to playing ”

“I was afraid, more for the family than for myself.” Roberto D’Aversa is the last Serie A card holder to reveal that he has contracted the coronavirus. The Parma coach told his Parma Today experience: “Several days after the match against Spal, I had a little fever, mild symptoms, but, given the moment, I was responsible for not putting anyone at risk. Only after the serological tests carried out in view of the restart of the championship did I know I had contracted it “.


D’Aversa tells the most difficult moments: “My children understood everything by themselves, the older ones were the first to get scared and not want to leave the house, the youngest one showed maturity by wanting to wear a mask. Initially the ball went into the background, people died and I could not concentrate. So I set up the house, the terrace: things for which there is usually less time. ” Now we start again and the Parma manager is ready to resume Serie A: “I have positive feelings because, given the period from which we are returning, being able to train again and being able to start talking about the championship makes everything positive”.

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