Park your yellow Porsche under the arcades to save it from the downpour. “I had no choice” Photo


PADUA “I apologize to the city but mine was not a violent gesture, it is arrogant, much less a lack of respect for people or Padua”. Carlo Mancuso he is amazed by the clamor raised by his creative parking last Sunday when, to save her Porsche convertible from the downpour, he decided to park it on the porch close to the windows of the Duke D’Aosta while he was at the Baessato bar, but he also says he is saddened by the poisonous comments that the photo of the sheltered car aroused on social media.

«It was about 3.30 p.m. they started to drop and it was clear that an important downpour was coming, maybe even the hailstorm – says Mancuso – closing the hood of my yellow, that’s how I affectionately call it, it’s very difficult. It is a maneuver to be done by hand and two people are needed, in a moment I realized that it would never be done in time. I had no choice, I went up and took it to the shelter in the first place that came to my mind where, moreover, it remained about ten minutes, then I immediately took it off. Whoever took the picture did it in the first ray of sunshine ». Mancuso with his yellow is an entrepreneur well known in the city and also as the character who embodies the history of the nightlife. Sixty years old but it doesn’t show them, last year he launched shaby chich a place on the beach of Sottomarina with the enthusiasm of a boy who loves life and faces everything, even sadness, with a smile. «I realize that I have exaggerated, I am a person who has the utmost respect for children and the disabled and parking in that way, on a porch about 5 meters wide, I calculated that there were more than 2 left so that anyone could pass easily – continues the entrepreneur – I don’t feel I deserve so many criticisms and even free offenses that I received for that parking space for a few minutes, nor even to arouse so much fanfare.

Mancuso describes himself as a normal, responsible person, in love with life and fun, and obviously in love with his car that everyone recognizes. “I’m not rich, I don’t buy a Porsche a day, I bought my yellow in 1994 and I keep it as a relic – Mancuso underlines – I’m not a criminal I instinctively only put my car away where it could not be damaged by the storm. I’m really sorry but I didn’t do it for other reasons and that gesture is not part of my way of being, I had no choice. And I still apologize to those who felt offended in some way ». The photo yesterday soon made the rounds of social networks provoking thousands of comments, and not all unfavorable, while many spoke of arrogance and the age-old problem of wild parking in the vicinity of Baessato.


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