Paris, Hidalgo “on the run” in the challenge for the new mayor of the capital


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– We are already in Paris, that’s enough for me, I’m not aiming for the Elysée. The second round of the municipal election has yet to be held – next Sunday -, the last match on TV is scheduled for tonight with an opponent who is still a fighter like Rachida Dati and the ex-minister of Sanit Agns Buzyn as supporting actor, but Anne Hidalgo seems really sure to win. So much so that if he really has to exercise the virtue of modesty, he does so by humbly announcing that he is not running for president of France. All you need is Paris, which Ana Mara (born in Spain where she was born in 1959) has been driving for six years after being the right-hand man of the socialist Bertrand Delano for the previous 13.

After almost twenty years at theHtel de ville the outgoing mayor Anne Hidalgo knows her fellow citizens well. If she is so confident because she has many good reasons. He clearly won the first round of March 15: 29.3% of the votes against 22.7% of theopponent of the right Rachida Dati and 17.2% of the Macronist Agns Buzyn. Above all, Hidalgo’s advantage in recent weeks has continued to grow and polls are now giving it to 45% (against 34 and 20 of rivals). Finally, the candidate of the left is managing to attract the increase in ecological votes, which could prove to be the basic trend across France on Sunday, thanks to the alliance with green David Belliard. The epidemic has increased sensitivity towards environmental issues and the mayor rides them even more: four days after the vote, he proposes that motorcycles also pay for parking in the city, and today declared a day with alternate plates against pollution .

Not that Hidalgo has gone through these years without controversy: hated by motorists who do not forgive her obsession with cycle paths and transformation of urban highways along the Seine into pedestrian zones for runners and nightlife, the mayor criticized because the dirty city, and little telegenic realities such as the crack hill of Porte de la Chapelle are neglected for the benefit of the continuous announcements on the new mobility of the scooters.

The right e Rachida Dati accuse Hidalgo of being the queen of bobos: or the representative of that social category of bourgeois bohmes(wealthy left) identified by David Brooks in 2000, with a formula that has since replaced France in the political lexicon radical chic or gauche caviar.

Rachida Dati, Justice Minister at the time of Sarkozy, never tamed, was re-elected in the first round as mayor from the 7th arrondissement, one of the richest areas in Paris who at least doesn’t pretend to be leftist. Tonight Data punters on insecurity, an increase in thefts and robberies, and on the fact that many middle-class families are now forced to leave Paris because it is too expensive.

Then there is the catastrophe of La Rpublique En Marche, Macron’s party. Just in the capital that voted it 90% in 2017, the most urban of French presidents is preparing for defeat after a disastrous campaign: first the presence of the dissident Cdric Villani, then the porn scandal of Benjamin Griveaux, finally the bad replacement with Agns Buzyn who hopelessly participates in an election that she has defined, confiding in Le Monde, a antic. In his Paris, Macron witnesses the duel between two protagonists of the old world, as he says: the one divided between the left of Hidalgo and the right of Dati.

June 24, 2020 (change June 25, 2020 | 00:31)


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