Parents force him to drink large quantities of water, 11-year-old boy dies intoxicated


Do drink so much water to the child to the point of killing him. The military Ryan Sabin, 41 years old and the stepmother, Tara Sabin, 42 years old, forced the little Zachary Sabin, to 11 years old, to drink water until he dies. The couple from El Paso, Texas are accused of first degree murder after the boy was found dead bruised and with foam in his mouth.Read also> 6-year-old boy dies after suffering serious head injuries, father and partner arrested

Post mortem analyzes revealed that the child would die from forced water intoxication. The reasons that led the two to make the child drink so much are not clear, but given the conditions of the little body it seems that in addition to forcing him to drink he was also a victim of physical violence.

The woman told authorities that the 11-year-old often had foul-smelling and very dark urine, which she wore a diaper at night, given the high number of times she had to go to the bathroom due to a health problem. All consequences of a water poisoning, presumably caused by the couple.

Last updated: Saturday 20 June 2020, 17:27


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