Parents abandon son | at home for 2 months “We wanted a vacation”


Parents leave their child with serious physical and mental problems for weeks and weeks. Once discovered, their excuse is unacceptable.

Two parents abandon disabled child. Photos from the web

Parents abandon disabled child for nearly two months. And once their responsibilities are discovered, the inevitable arrest starts. A couple from Missouri, an American state where the sad family affair took place, ended up in handcuffs.

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In Blue Springs, Brendan and Janine Luke had segregated their 12-year-old son at home, suffering from obvious mental as well as physical problems. And all that time no one has ever taken care of the teenager. The boy was also unable to move, due to a cerebral palsy that had relegated him to a wheelchair. What husband and wife did was to control the situation using a remote surveillance system, thanks to some cameras installed in the home. Furthermore, they had previously thought of a plan to ensure that their neighbors had no suspicions.

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Parents abandon son, he is 12 but disabled but survives

In all this they had managed to make everyone believe that with the child abandoned to their destiny there was an adult person. Law enforcement officers finally discovered everyone and arrested them. Their justification awakens. “Our son is too violent and we needed to relax.” So they left on vacation, tired of the young man’s alleged outbursts of anger and attitudes that became increasingly violent, according to his parents “. Despite all the difficulties, the couple’s son was able to look after himself even though he needed urgent hospitalization. For the two ruthless parents there will be a process that will certainly end with a severe sentence. Instead, their son ended up in the care of social services.

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