Paratici: “Arthur-Pjanic, excellent operation for Juve”


GENOA – “The market is made up of programming and opportunities. In exchange Pjanic-Arthur there is a good deal of opportunity: he is an exceptional boy, who was very important to us. When there was this possibility he told us that he was doing very well at Juve and the only club where he could go to crown his career was Barcelona. We have found a player who we have been following for years, since he played in Brazil, and who is younger than Miralem. And then we made an excellent financial operation“. Fabio Paratici, ds of the Juventus, intervened before the challenge at Ferraris with the Genoa to Sky’s microphones to talk about the recent exchange with Barcelona.

All about Genoa-Juve

Paratici: “Few goals from midfielders, that’s why”

On the few goals of the midfielders: “It is an interesting debate, certainly Khedira he is such a player. Then surely also the type of game, we played many times with the attacking midfielder where the sides are inserted laterally and not centrally. The debate is somewhat broader. If the exteriors are wide there is more space for the midfielders, as well as if they have to cover laterally“. On the Marassi match:”The Genoa it is a team that for the staff it has is unfairly in this ranking position. He has an excellent coach and an excellent squad. It will be a complicated game, we must try to win all the games. At this moment it is as if we were at the end of the preparation so I believe that the players need more to play than to rest“. On the hierarchies in free kicks between Cristiano Ronaldo, Pjanic is Dybala: “These are field things. We have important players who talk to each other and talk to the coach, they decide from time to time“.

Paratici on Felix Correia and Pirlo

Felix Correia he is a one-on-one outsider, he has great talent and we have been following him for some time. For us it was more functional than Moreno for the second team project. Pirlo new coach ofUnder 23? Our whole environment has remained very close to Pirlo, having said that we are in the middle of the Under 23 season which has yet to play an important play-off with ambitions. He has just given us a very important title for us who have fought many years for this project. We carried it out with great effort, I have to thank all my collaborators: da Cherubini to Chiellini until Fusco is Pecchia“.

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