Paolo Massari, the woman who accuses the former councilor speaks: “In that bunker I thought I was going to die”


Out of record. The Courier servicehe spoke with the 56-year-old entrepreneur victim of the journalist Mediaset and former center-right city councilor Paolo Massari, 54 years old (read the article here with the news report). She did it while the woman first went to the hospital that treated her after the forty minutes of beatings and rape on Saturday evening, to meet the psychologist, and then to the police headquarters that investigates the violence in the fifty square meters of basement in Porta Venezia, Massari’s home, separated and two children (the family was at the beach), from Sunday night in the San Vittore prison, checked on sight in fear of extreme gestures. Massari (read the portrait of the former councilor here), who will be questioned today, immediately professed himself, with decision, innocent. This is the story of the entrepreneur, who confirms in every single detail the report released to the agents who rescued her while she ran completely naked on the street, calling for help.

My fears

Let’s start right here. «I heard and they told me strange rumors that are circulating in the media and not only in the media. Rumors that I would be making it all up, since the relationship would have been consenting, I would be exaggerating in relation to who knows what perfidious machination … But sorry a little, all to what advantage? Which? I tremble at the idea that my name may come out, that my parents will find out, that my family … Of course, I was so willing that I walked without clothes at ten in the evening, not late at night, that is, without anyone in around, and I wasn’t even interested … I was terrified, I just wanted to get away … There were passers-by, motorists, and I didn’t care, about being naked, you understand? I just wasn’t ashamed of it, I didn’t mind it at all … I had to go as far away from him and that horrible place as possible. It wasn’t an apartment, it was a bunker. I had this feeling when I entered it: a bunker. A prison where even if I had screamed they wouldn’t have heard me. Where I would have been killed. Yes, get killed: this was the thought I had, not so much and not only – and I am enormously afraid, these words that I say to her – for the violence itself, as for any worst consequences … The minutes passed slowly, and nightmares began to form in my head: “It makes me out.” It wasn’t suggestion, it was an acknowledgment … I was a prisoner, I didn’t see a minimum way out. ”

Lockdown and aperitif

8 pm on Saturday, Basso bar in Viale Abruzzi. The meeting place, the point of origin. «I am an entrepreneur and Paolo had proposed an in-depth article on my world. Like many, like many, I am paying a high price for the pandemic, there is no work, it is difficult, the prospects are worrying … We have known each other since we were teenagers, with Paolo, we attended Parini high school. A type of knowledge that remains in life, you do not see and do not feel for years then it happens that you find yourself. I accepted the aperitif invitation and, I admit, it was a nice aperitif. A pleasant moment. My first aperitif after all these months of isolation at home. There was nothing, in those moments at the bar, that made me imagine such an ending … Both went to continue with a dinner in the restaurant. Paolo said that since the weather was not good, it was better to take the car leaving the scooter at his house nearby. We went there, and dark fell once in the basement. Someone thinks that she made a mistake, that in a certain sense I went to look for her … To me, that a woman must defend herself as if she were the culprit, that she must justify herself, it sucks ».

The humiliations

The police findings and the prosecutor’s beliefs base the accusation on the woman’s testimony, on the medical reports, on the evident traces of blood on the sofa, the place of the violence, and around it, on the basement floor. «I am a direct, practical person. I am the age I am, I am used to men’s phrases and moves … I have always been able to stop them immediately … When a man is over fifty, he enters a new dimension, as if every woman touches him to right, poor man, the physicist gives him up, his wife is bored, his children cannot stand them, and above all he is no longer able to woo and have, let’s say, feedback … Paolo had a very fast metamorphosis, he started giving orders and pretending that I would perform them, he humiliated me, he wanted me to be his slave … He had that grin, that grin … I was on the one hand blocked, paralyzed, and on the other I decided to manage the situation, to try to control it as much as I could, I had that fixed thought, always the same: “It kills me”. Suddenly, perhaps satisfied, he stopped and lit a cigarette. The gate valve, adjacent to the basement, had a hole at the base, I don’t even know how she managed to get through it, but I did it, I walked a path, I came out on the street … He was behind me, in the background. Calm, relaxed. He repeated: “Come in, don’t go crazy.” I wouldn’t be surprised if there had been other women. Who did not report ».

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