“Palleggiano” with a hedgehog until it kills him: in the teenage troubles of Turin who filmed themselves “for the likes”


The person in charge of the local section Lida Laura Masutti gave news of the lawsuit lodged with the carabinieri. “I recovered the hedgehog kicked in Cirie, of course he was dead,” he wrote in the post that accompanied the images of the incident.

“I am deeply horrified that children / young people – he added – are our fellow citizens, perhaps neighbors, whom we see every day and perhaps we have seen on strollers with their mothers, apparently a good family. Parents who raise little monsters without pity, without feelings, without conscience, without future “.

“How parents can do certain little big monsters – the head of the animal rights association asks in conclusion. – How will they be when their parents are old and defenseless like that poor little hedgehog become a ball for their enjoyment?”.

As for the investigations, the authors of the gesture, probably minors, would have already been identified. “They will have to answer for killing animals and that poor hedgehog must have really suffered a lot – he tells Tgcom24 Masutti. – He had no external injuries, so the jumps and subsequent heavy falls on the asphalt must have caused him internal traumas, an atrocious suffering for him. And we don’t know what happened before we recorded that video, the carabinieri will confirm it. ”

And finally, “who with so much sadism performs these violent acts against a hedgehog, a lizard, a dog, a cat at the age of 14, where can he go when he grows up?”, Is the alarm that the association launches.

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