Palermo, the hands of the clans on legal bets. Guardia di Finanza blitz: 8 arrests. Between accusations, mafia association and money laundering


They had got their hands on the business legal bets, from Palermo up to Lombardy. The investigations of the Dda of Palermo, led by the prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi, have brought to light a real system with which i clan, with the help of complacent entrepreneurs, had managed to create an estimated turnover in addition 100 million euros. For this the Guardia di Finanza has arrested 8 people, while two more were joined by prohibition of residence in Palermo, and preventively seized goods for 40 million of Euro. The ten are accused, in various capacities, of mafia association, external competition in mafia association, recycling and fraudulent transfer of values ​​aggravated by mafia aiding.

To clarify some disputes, the boss had had to attend the meeting where the discussion was held reconstitution of the dome of Cosa Nostra. Fifteen days ago they had bought the last one betting agency, but they had long since stretched their tentacles up Salvatore Rubino, 59-year-old entrepreneur well integrated in the legal gaming sector, owner of licenses and concessions. However, the bosses of the Palermitan mandates of New door is Pagliarelli: Francesco Paolo Maniscalco, aged 57, and Salvatore Sorrentino, aged 55, both already convicted of mafia. At the request of the prosecutors of the Dda of Palermo (added Salvatore De Luca, deputy prosecutor Dario Scaletta) the three were arrested, along with five other people. The businessman is also in prison Vincenzo Fiore, aged 42, and Christian Tortora, aged 44, while they ended up under house arrest Giuseppe Rubino, 87 years old, and the two figureheads Antonino Maniscalco, aged 26, and Girolamo Di Marzo, aged 59.

With the provision, the investigating magistrate Walter Turturici also placed a preventive seizure from 40 million euros. These are eight companies based in Campania, Lazio, Lombardy is Sicily, “Five of which are holders of government concessions to which the rights to manage the betting agencies belong.” But also nine physical agencies a Palermo, Naples and in the province of Salerno. Two brothers, helium is Maurizio Camilleri, “Entrepreneurs colluded near” to Sorrentino, have been subjected to prohibition of residence in the territory of the municipality of Palermo. The two had purchased company shares – on behalf of the Mandamento – “investment then liquidated due to internal disagreements, with the disbursement, in several tranches, of over 500 thousand euros“. Sorrentino had spoken to them in a meeting with Seventh Mineo, who was later arrested in the blitz New Dome of December 2018.

The investigation by the financiers of the Economic and Financial Police Unit has traced a turnover from beyond one hundred million euros and searches were carried out this morning in the other regions involved. It cannot be excluded that the investigation may lead to new developments, mainly related to the group’s references within the Customs and Monopolies agency. But the beating heart was in Palermo and in the now abyssed business the bosses of the families of the wot, of Brancaccio, of Santa Maria del Gesù, Belmonte Mezzagno, where betting centers had been opened, and of Saint Lawrence who had dealt with the “set-up works” of the group’s agencies. And who then returned part of the earnings, participating in the “Livelihood of prisoners” as well as maintaining a “Annuity” for the family members of the murdered boss Nicolò Ingarao.

As a demonstration of the transversal nature of the economic and financial interests of the various divisions of Cosa nostra palermitana, the expansion of the network of betting agencies and corners managed by the seized companies was guaranteed by the protectionist umbrella of the mafia families with whom the suspects they have constantly interacted, obtaining mutual benefits both in terms of business and in strengthening the capacity for economic and territorial control “, the financiers write. In February they had purchased a property transformed into the administrative office of one of the group companies. Continuing the camouflage of interests in the legal business. For the financiers one of the central figures was the boss Francesco Paolo Maniscalco, “Subject of undisputed mafia lineage” already sentenced in 2005 to four years for mafia and he was in contact with Ruby.

“Except you have to get out .. before we have to get out as fast as possible”, said the boss Maniscalco. And again “I don’t care about anything, even what you think, you have to do it this way and that’s all”, he said turning to Rubino. “Totuccio if she brought it A league… he was a mafioso, I liked that, he told him a lie to Uncle Settimo “, he continued referring to the meeting called to reform the dome after the death of Totò Riina. Then speaking of one of the figureheads, the boss Sorrentino clarifies the relationships between the various members of the group. “Jimmy has to ‘Drop the cavusi’ (pants ed) to do whatever we tell him, complaints he doesn’t have to do and he doesn’t have to do this, I grab it … since he is my man and I answer him, if Jimmy ‘takes a chance’ (risks ed) to make some complaints, I break our legs to him and then I’m going to eat with them. ” “We are wrong, we mourn the consequences – answered another of the suspects – and then we let the blood come out of the mouth”.

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