Palermo, the fight in Mondello: started for a young man who sat on the motorcycle of an attacked man


Among the most reliable hypotheses is that of a maxi-fight started on the street because one of the attackers sat on the parked motorcycle of one of the attacked. This is the track on which investigators from the Mondello police station have been working since yesterday, assisted by colleagues from the mobile team.Throughout the day, witnesses were heard in the police station led by Manfredi Borsellino and the two wounded hit with a knife and a screwdriver and fortunately not serious. The fight broke out on Saturday evening in the square of Valdesi, a few steps from the Latte Pa ice cream shop. At least thirty young people took part in it. And that bike would have been parked near the square. Perhaps the discussion, after which the violence broke out, began precisely because of that motorcycle parked and on which one of the attackers had sat. Investigators listened to part of the witnesses who were tracked down, some videos were seized by the investigator.
During the big fight a 17-year-old boy was wounded in the chest by a slash with a screwdriver and was brought in red code to Villa Sofia where the doctors operated on him for a suspected perforation of a lung. A second boy, 16 years old, was hit by a stab wound to his side which fortunately did not harm internal organs. The boy was also brought to Villa Sofia in yellow code, where he was stitched up in the emergency room. According to doctors, neither of them is life threatening.

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