Palermo Calcio, Di Piazza in Mirri: “Only falsehood about me”


«I must specify, denying other rumors, that I hold the position of director of the SSD Palermo, like Mirri and Sagramola; I’d like to remind everyone that running a company exposes you to significant legal responsibilities. ” Thus begins a statement by Tony Di Piazza, manager of the club, which replies to the statements of the president, Dario Mirri.

I was represented as a person with confused ideas – he adds -. These claims are not true, because I resigned from the position of vice president of the company and I confirmed my resignation on the board of directors on May 26; I had expressed my willingness to reconsider my resignation if an atmosphere of loyal collaboration had been reestablished, a hypothesis which was rejected by those directly concerned, with the consequence that I never withdrew my resignation. I have communicated my intention to sell the shareholding share and I have never changed my mind on this point, nor have I made any communications in this regard ».

Di Piazza also challenges “a supposed vote against the recognition of the prize to the players”. “I would like to point out – he explains – that there was no vote on the point, because I had asked to be able to discuss the opportunity to fully pay the prizes approved before the emergency; the request, from what was learned through the media, had been accepted by the players, and the other two councilors voted against my proposal, showing that they did not want to promote the dialectic within the council.

«As for the company structure of Italplaza, I am surprised that Mirri does not know for certain that it is a company entirely referable to me. It should be equally clear that I respect the commitments: the transfer of the sums requested I ordered it on June 9, immediately after the clarification “, he explains. «I would like to remind my representative Gianluca Paparesta that he does not lack the skills to manage a team – he concludes -. He is an accountant, for over 10 years he has also arbitrated internationally, is in possession of the title of DS, has been a councilor of the League of B for two years; he was president of Bari in Serie B from 2014 to 2016; Mirri, in reporting that his assignment was to be limited to the analysis of accounting and management control, forgets that he had agreed quite a few other powers. I note that the president Mirri, at the last meeting, had invited members and administrators of the SSD Palermo to refrain from externalizing internal questions to the members, otherwise the company would have been damaged, which he did not do. ”

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