Palamara found “guilty”. He was expelled from the Anm


ROME – Luca Palamara was found “guilty” by colleagues from theAnm, with one abstention, and was expelled from the union of judges of which he was president between 2008 to 2012, at the time of Berlusconi and ad personam laws. The ex-prosecutor of Rome accused of corruption in Perugia asked to be heard after the pronouncement of the probivir of the union of judges, but the colleagues said no because they should have been the same probiviros who judged him, and not the Steering Committee central, to listen to it. His reaction, while waiting in front of the courthouse which houses the Cassation and on the sixth floor the same Anm, was this: “I was denied the right to speak, not even in the Inquisition”.

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Palamara’s self-defense, which she was unable to read

The four-page memory that Palamara would have liked to read in front of his colleagues contains a very heavy passage. Here it is: “The chats have become public, unfortunately, they are nothing more than a glimpse of this situation (of the appointments, ed.). I never canceled them because I never thought that my phone could become the object of a seizure order. Everyone he had something to ask, each believed to boast more rights than the others, even those who today tear their robes, I think, for example, of some members of the board of probivirs who today ask for my expulsion, or those who still hold top roles within the group of Units for the Constitution, or even to some of those who still sit today in the current Central Steering Committee and who perhaps too hastily removed the memory of their dinners or of their meetings with the justice officials of political parties for reference. It would be nice if they told these stories. I don’t have to be the one. ”



Magistrates, political actors and sportsmen. The Palamara network between chat and coffee

Poniz’s complaint

“An incalculable damage to the judiciary.” And again: “There is a gigantic moral question that concerns the very meaning of the judiciary.” Luca Poniz, the Milanese prosecutor of the left wing of Area, today at the top of theAnm, the union of robes. Poniz, at the opening of the Central Steering Committee which must decide on the expulsion of Luca Palamara, quotes Mattarella and his hard Thursday speech. He subscribes to his analysis when he says that “the vast majority of Italian magistrates are foreign to the ethical modesty” revealed by the Perugia investigation of the former president of the ANM.



Mattarella calls the judges. And politicians: just tug me

Poniz says however that “the risk for the independence of the judges cannot be ignored for events that have undermined the prestige and credibility of all of us”. Adds the secretary of Unicost Giuliano Caputo, “we knew something was wrong, there was a distorted relationship with the power for appetites towards management posts. Too many times I have heard people say ‘This is ours or it is not ours’, and this is unacceptable”.


De Vito (Md): “Immediately the vote of the robes for a new Anm”

Poniz speaks of a “difficult time”, of a necessary renewal of the Anm itself, “unfortunately extended” because the elections scheduled for April have been postponed for Covid. But the ANM, says Poniz, “will still carry out its task in a manner consistent with its tradition”. He immediately speaks of Perugia, of the investigation that revealed the trafficking of the robes on the assignments, summarizes the immediate taking away of the Anm itself. But now, “a year later, other pieces of dialogues reveal a widespread careerism and current account, the influences on CSM, the improper relationships, which we had denounced immediately after the explosion of the Perugia case, denouncing the systemic extent of the behaviors”.


Palamara case, Mattarella: “Serious bewilderment, the reform of the CSM is urgent, but no to dissolution”

“Now – says Poniz – we are all called to a refoundation, starting from the responsibility of the individuals”. Poniz adds that the ANM, already for some time – “and also at the congress in Genoa (October 2019) where, however, the attention of the media was entirely due to the prescription” – had invited politics to intervene with urgent reforms. “We have proposed the modification of the electoral system to ensure the widest representativeness, given the fierce criticism of the current system, to change the criteria for executive positions, two years for those who want a managerial position from the CSM, two years also for those who are out. role, no to revolving doors from politics to the judiciary, rigidly chronological criteria for appointments “.

The expulsions from the ANM start

Today theAnm faced the expulsions of the robes involved in the Perugia investigation and who already resigned one year ago from the CSM. But for three of these, the two robes of the independent judiciary Antonio Lepre is Corrado Cartoni, and that of Unicost Luigi Spina, there is already no need to proceed, voted affirmatively by the Central Steering Committee, because the three have already resigned from the ANM. Expulsion also for Paolo Criscuoli.

The case of Cosimo Maria Ferri

In the list of togas to be expelled fromAnm even the current member of Italy lives Cosimo Maria Ferri, former Undersecretary of Justice in the Letta and Renzi Governments, former Independent Judiciary of which he has been leader for years, and from 2006 to 2010 one of the most voted members of the CSM. But Ferri is also one of the protagonists of the negotiation with Luca Lotti (honorable Pd) and Palamara for the appointment of the Rome prosecutor. He attended the famous meeting of 8 May 2019 at the Champagne hotel, recorded by the Trojan inoculated on the cell phone of the former president of the ANM. Ferri claims not to be a member of theAnm and not to pay the dues anymore. But on the contrary the secretariat of the same Anm he verified that even this month the detention on Ferri’s salary was there. Also Marcello Basilico, Area toga who presides over the work of the government of theAnm, testifies that Ferri voted in 2016 in Massa for the elections of theAnm arguing that he was no longer an undersecretary, but still a member of the judges’ union. At this point, the Arbitrators will decide for the expulsion.

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