Palamara comes out: “Now I tell you all the names …”


Because Palamara did not wake up one morning and invented the current system. But he acted and worked by making agreements to find a balance and manage the power within the judiciary“. That’s what he said Luca Palamara a few hours after the expulsion received by the Central Steering Committee of the National Magistrates Association due to “serious violations of the code of ethics“. In the interview with The Republic, the former prosecutor from Rome underlined how the Constitution wanted the judiciary to be autonomous and independent: “To exercise this power, magistrates have chosen to organize themselves in current that are born with the noblest ideals, but which historically have undergone a degenerative process …“.

In his memory he wrote that he did not act alone: ​​he reinforces this thesis thanks to the position of Elisabetta Casellati (president of the Senate) and of leftist magistrates such as Livio Pepino. “They report that the clientelism within the judiciary is certainly not a problem that I invented“he explained. Therefore he is convinced that limiting him only to his figure or to an associative group is equivalent to ignoring the reality of the facts or even to lying.”I went there to speak in front of who was judging me. It is an irrepressible right for anyone“He claims that it was his duty to be able to express himself since he not only held the role of president of the ANM, but since being accused he has not had the opportunity to explain to the magistrates what really happened.

Here are the names

Palamara said he was aware of having to respond to his behavior and what happened to the Champagne hotel, but at the same time he wanted to specify that it cannot be considered “the manager of a system who failed and penalized those who are not registered in the currents“. Therefore he wanted to apologize to these magistrates. Subsequently he wanted to remove some pebbles from the shoe and gave the names of those who would have taken advantage of the current system to make a career. Specifically he spoke of three probmiri members Anm, who knows well also because exponents of as many currents have been known: “By the way, the president Of Marco, from the papers of Perugia, turned out to be the disciplinary defender of Giancarlo Longo, the magistrate who, according to the original accusations made by Perugia, but then dropped, I would have favored for Gela’s power of attorney“.

It was also mentioned Gimmi Beloved, who in 2016 was appointed Bologna’s attorney “according to the mechanisms that are so much talked about today“. Then there is Viazzi, historical exponent of MD who has always enjoyed Palamara’s esteem but who was then sacrificed for the appointment of president of the Genoa Court of Appeal, “to the advantage of the alliance with the independent judiciary, which led her to prefer her colleague Bonavia instead“According to the former Rome prosecutor they were the first beneficiaries of the system which only he is now guilty of.

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