Padua, the helicopter on the symbolic places of the coronavirus. The statue of Saint Anthony and the blessing


PADUA I’m here for Sant’Antonio, who always said “what matters is the facts, not the words”. We are going to fly over the areas most affected by the pandemic and thank everyone, health workers, doctors, nurses, law enforcement, all those who have brought us out of the pandemic. We thank the Venetian people who always know how to get up from the most serious emergencies, a great people who, as I always say, on their knees only when they pray. The president of the Senate, Elisabetta Casellati, said this at the Allegri airport of Padua, before boarding the army helicopter that flew over the city and the province with a statue of the Saint on board. In the flight, touch the symbolic places of the pandemic: the former red zone of Vo ‘, the Covid hospital of Schiavonia, the nursing home of Merlara.

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Padua, the helicopter for Sant? Antonio
Father Svanera and Bishop Cipolla

It is not enough to offer young people objects or experiences to enjoy life. In fact, the coronavirus – warns Father Svanera – has exposed even more the need for other reasons. And therefore it is not enough to guarantee well-being for the new generations, but instead it is necessary for us adults to be well rooted in our vocation, that is, by believing us first in truth and justice to then be credible and reliable witnesses. Only in this way can we generate passion for the beauty of life and help our young people to face the anguish caused by nihilism. Words that Bishop Cipolla reinforces as follows: On the day of the feast of his patron, I pray that Saint Anthony will help us to live this time of fragility and not to lose hope. And I pray for the months to come, where other frailties will emerge, such as the wounds caused by the emptiness of those who have left us, the fatigue, fears and suffering of people who have already lost or will lose their jobs and the disorientation and discomfort of young people deprived of relationships and social relations for a long time and of the families tried by their long stay at home. The entry into the Basilica, with a mandatory mask, was allowed to no more than 200 faithful at a time. While the others, especially during the solemn celebration of 5pm (at the end of which the mayor Sergio Giordani will speak with a brief speech), will be able to sit in front of the three giant screens installed on the churchyard and in the cloister of the Novitiate, where another 490 seats will be available.

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