over 100 planes and 3 billion in dowry



The decree is not yet there. But the pattern of the new one Alitalia of State yes. To the Treasury, after the announcement of With you, ensure that work is underway and that the measure, to be approved in consultation with Mise and Mit, is being developed. For the launch it will be necessary to wait for the end of the week or, more likely, the next one. In fact, we are close. However, it will be up to an ad hoc Council of Ministers to give the go-ahead. To demonstrate that among the many open crises, at least one, perhaps the least complex if you think of the former Ilva or chance Highways, is started on solution.

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Alitalia, there is the newco: but Pd-Cinquestelle is on the top

The road map of the Minister of Infrastructure Paola De Micheli illustrated to Conte in these hours aims to close quickly. Hence the pressing on both the Mise and the Mef. Also because, at least from the point of view of the objectives, De Micheli has clear ideas. The flag carrier’s industrial plan which, just to lend a hand on the employment front, will integrate some Air Italy assets, will be very ambitious. The final goal is to create a national carrier, supported by the state, capable of enhancing and attracting the largest number of tourists, focused on the medium and long haul. The newco will have 105 planes, will be able to count on 3 billion of financial resources and will take over all the company’s branches in extraordinary administration. Following the lightening of the past few days, the candidacy of Fabio Lazzerini, current head of the business, a figure that within the company enjoys great esteem, on the guide of the carrier, there is instead a sharp slowdown. Although Dal Mise and Mit ensure that the choice is now made and that it is only a matter of time.

If anything, in these hours Lufthansa would also have come on the field, who despite struggling with a plan of tears and blood has once again applied to be a partner of Nuova Alitalia. An alliance that was only commercial at the beginning, but which could reserve surprises in the future, when the state will gradually open the capital to private partners. The Germans are aiming to replace Delta and quickly make a new pact.

The redundancy knot is complex. In fact, it is the priority for the government and, of course, for the new CEO who will have to unravel the skein. Because if it is true that a fleet of about 105 planes would allow to safeguard the current staff of the flight personnel, on the ground staff front there are many problems, especially if, as it seems, a part of the employees of Air Italy will be absorbed together some Linate slots and rights to the United States. The aim of the government is to give a signal of attention to Sardinia, where the unemployment rate is high.

The union calculates that with about 300 incentives for riders to leave in 5 years, the company can really think about opening up to new hires. On the other hand, the handling situation is difficult (5,000 people if you also consider the staff offices) where the redundancies would already reach 2,000. The maintenance center (2,000 employees), which could open up to new partnerships, would also include former Meridiana workers.

The industrial plan that is already being thought of aims to start with a fleet of more than 100 aircraft, as mentioned 105, but in the first phase the number of aircraft involved will be linked to market needs which, with a sharp contraction in demand, will be reduced. Also considering the termination of some leasing contracts. In essence, the growth will be calibrated on the basis of the restart.

Instead, the idea of ​​building a low-cost arm within New Alitalia to compete with the most fierce companies has been blurred. At MIT they are convinced of the need to focus on the medium and long-haul, the most profitable sector, but an international alliance will also have to be built quickly after the joint venture with Delta has been terminated.

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