Other unequivocal signs from Sky: is the debut as a fixed network operator one step away?


Edoardo Carlo Ceretti

After the rumors of the past few days, there is another tangible indication of the next landing of Sky in the world of Italian fixed telephony. It is no secret that the TV platform is planning the jump like landline operator, on the basis of what is already daily reality in the United Kingdom. But now we should really be there.

It is not clear whether the official debut will really take place on June 16, or on another date, but Sky has started to to anticipate the great news on its official Italian website. In a short teaser appeared on a page of the site, accompanied by phrases like There is a new way to experience WiFi in the home is Are you ready to connect?, the next operator seems almost ready to break the delay.

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You can also fill in a information request form, with the promise that Sky will contact the interested users, to provide them with all the details of the first fixed network offer, as soon as each piece has found its place. The wait will continue still for a few days?

Via: Mondomobileweb

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