“Other than ignorant, here there are interests” – Libero Quotidiano


A government, the Giallorossi, which has concluded nothing. On the table Giuseppe Conte still the dossier on the motorway concession which obviously sees the two political forces clashing with the government: Pd and M5s. “Normally – he explains Guido Crosetto in an interview with Tempo, without skimping on criticism – in an agreement of this type, a week may be enough. 0 even one day if they had clear ideas. The decisions on the part of the government were very simple. ”

Decisions that an executive who is always struggling with internal disagreements has been well taken from making, blocking 14 billion investments. Not only that, because for the entrepreneur, as well as the founder of Fratelli d’Italia, there could be much more serious reasons: “Excluding the ignorant – he continues – there are other reasons. Probably, behind this scenario there is a clash of such interests that will block everything. There will be opposing factions, opposing solutions that have made the country lose two years. It would be useful for these discussions to emerge, as they have hitherto been underlying. ” With the passage of time the Benettons managed to build a defense, passing – through Crosetto – from the wrong side to an almost reason one. And so for the Conte bis the road is now more uphill.

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