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The “Nothing will remain as before” relationship is more lucid and precise. What a blast for Palazzo Chigi

Franco Bechis

I read and reread the report of Davide Casaleggio’s private “task force” entitled “Nothing will remain as before” and scrolling here and there the ideas launched by that group which includes managers, economists, journalists and various experts. a little bit of depression. Not for what is written in an albeit schematic way in the report of the Gianroberto Casaleggio Association, on the contrary. But because I find good ideas and ideas here and they really pale the accumulation of nonsense and banality produced by Giuseppe Conte and his lost experts as by most of the government team because they sent the third and fourth rows of Pd and M5s to power , while the best of those intelligences that are still there has remained outside. I start from the conclusions of the report written by Casaleggio himself: “2020 will be the year in which it will be necessary to invest more than 15% of the GDP in the economy to support and relaunch it.

Ten financial years all concentrated in one year which presumably will take away the possibility in the coming years of being able to invest further if the choices made in 2020 will not be able to create value to be redistributed in the future. Investing in the wrong direction could jeopardize the same possibility of future support for the economy. State decisions in 2020 will have an exponential effect in defining whether the economy of the next 10 years will be based on subsistence or economic recovery “.

A clear message: we must help those who can do it and finish assisting those who had already failed before the coronavirus crisis, because the money that we will now borrow to overcome the black year will not be a second time in the next decade, and you can’t go wrong even one euro. So, the report writes, «very schematically: only help healthy companies in liquidity crises. Avoid investing in decoction companies, because it would be a waste of resources ». And again: “It is better to invest in training people for new jobs or in corporate conversion than in rescuing companies that do not have prospects for future economic sustainability”. In fact, the exact opposite of the choice of Conte’s corner bracket that only on a now decociated company such as Alitalia has directly aimed 3 billion euros and indirectly more than another billion. Money that according to the Casaleggio report would have been dramatically thrown away. On the other hand, the alternative task force to those of the executive says: “Companies that have a future cannot be allowed to fail. The corporate credit system is based on trust in the system, in the trust that customer will pay us and for this we can get into debt with a supplier or engage with an employee. If this trust should fail, it will not only be a problem for the company that closes but for its entire supply chain. Just as people’s disposable income must be sustained for their survival and for the sustainability of the production system “. As for workers, the solution is very clear: “To all the people who lost their jobs in 2020, the State should make contributions to an extent that maintains their income for the 2020 months in which they stopped working”. So not a shortcut, but the same income because it is not their fault that the government has closed the companies for which they worked and remained without wages. But they have to be trained as in other countries also to learn new jobs if the lost ones cannot be put on their feet again.

There is also a chapter on smart working, which undoubtedly will become after the coronavirus a model on which at least in part businesses and perhaps part of the education system will be structured. If you go in that direction, it’s hard to stop it. But he warns one of the members of the Casaleggio team that he is Innocenzo Cipolletta, former general manager of Confindustria: «The companies will see reduced production capacities to allow the distances, and will embark on a pushed process of robotization and use of artificial intelligence to recover capacity with less staff. Is there a risk of unemployment rising? Yup”. A very clear concept also for those who, on the other hand, make smart working a sort of modern religion in an uncritical way. Is it comfortable to work from home? Yes, and for someone even more productive. But for others, it will make their non-need clear to the company that manages them. Who will understand that he doesn’t really need all those workers he has. Here too Casaleggio beats Conte without comparison, at least for the dowry (unobtainable in the other) of sincerity.

Ps. For information in the Casaleggio task there were besides Cipolletta among others Franco Bernabè, Matteo Bonelli, Francesco Caio, Andrea Cardamone, Barbara Carfagna, Luca De Biase, Daniele Manca, Domenico De Masi, Luca Josi, Luca Mercalli, Roberto Poli, Carlo Petrini and Guido Silvestri.

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