Ostia, demolished poles and free beaches (still) as construction sites


Summer in Ostia is struggling to take off. Also because of the uncertain weather, in the weekend just past the free beaches of the municipality of Rome did not register the full house.

Ostia is still not ready for the summer. The works are in progress and the free beaches are still an open-air construction site with bulldozers on the beach, cleaning in hiccups and walkways and showers still to be assembled. Problems that have dragged on for weeks due to shortcomings and difficulties of the Seapass “web app”. You just have to venture for all 18 kilometers of beach to notice it.

Little has changed since June 2 when, on the occasion of the first bridge of the bathing season, the turnout in most of the spaces managed by the Capitol was negative.

From Capocotta to the kiosks of Ostia

Capocotta, which essentially manages himself, has no problems. The kiosks Curvone, Bahia and Hakuna Matata, thanks also to the bar service and some more support for the stewards called to contain the flow of users on the beach, defend themselves in a big way.

The former Amanusa beaches

The other spaces are bad, very bad. At the ex Amanusa, where a few days ago a 17-year-old boy was left by a splinter of glass, the placeholders, a symbol of the 5-star summer and social distancing on the beach, are almost no longer counted, broken, broken, in short vandalized. Here the beach seems almost abandoned with lifeguards (active only on weekends throughout June) called to work overtime. A scenario similar to the former Spiaggetta and the sides of the Canale dei Pescatori.

The poles on the beach become a video game

Ostia ponente open-air construction site

Perhaps the worst situation is Ostia ponente: here we are at the open-air construction site. Up to the Port, in fact, the free beach model conceived by the 5 Star Movement works intermittently: the poles are present on alternate stretches, some accesses are supervised and others are not, those who go to the beach without poles “do so at their own risk and danger “(says the steward) and the bulldozers work together with the workers, who set up the catwalks, among the children playing there, in defiance of safety. A few days ago a 7 year old boy was stung by an abandoned syringe.

Political controversy on the beaches

Davide Bordoni, councilor of the Lega in Campidoglio intervened on the case: “The summer season has just begun, amid the difficulties of social distancing and contingent arrivals, but the beaches of the Roman coast are already suffering with poor services and little organization. a per se precarious situation which from 1 July, with the closure of the seafront, is likely to worsen “.

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On the other hand, Paolo Ferrara, leader of the 5-Star Movement in Ostia and also a city councilor who enthusiastically published a post on Sunday admitting, in fact, that the sea of ​​the Capital is not yet ready despite the bathing season , according to the ordinance signed by the mayor Virginia Raggi, began on May 29: “I am on the sea of ​​Rome and like every morning I check the work we are carrying out. The weather is not good, but the redevelopment in progress deserves attention. Each beach will have full accessibility with paths and connections to all services. Beyond this, we are restoring the balustrade columns and access paths “.

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