Ostia crowded for June 2, but the free beaches are still a construction site


The sun high in the sky and the right amount of wind have inaugurated the 2020 summer. After the first weekend in fits and starts, thanks to the time that has made the tantrums, Rome (re) takes its sea on the day of the Republic Day . Many, in fact, in this June 2 have chosen Ostia.

Those who have already renewed their season ticket to their favorite beach have returned to take advantage of cabins, umbrellas and sunbeds (already possible from May 29 for more). The glance, even with the respected social distancing, has been remarkable. And from the pier it was easy to appreciate who took advantage of it to take the first baths of the summer.

Some more slalom for those who have chosen free and equipped free beaches. Problems that have dragged on for days due to shortcomings and the continuous working progress of the Seapass “web app”. You just have to venture for all 18 kilometers of beach to notice it.

In Capocotta the kiosks are operational but the poles for social distancing are lacking and, despite the reassurances of the X Town Hall, the indications on the Seapass map are halfway through. To know the actual turnout, click on Ostia Levante, therefore ignoring the map (which stops at the eighth gate), at the bottom of the site.

Once the page is loaded, here you can see where the beach is located but not yet know the turnout. Kiosk managers, however, have found ways to implement anti-Covid spacing equally.

In Ostia “center” the kiosks Curvone, Bahia and Hakuna Matata were stormed, thanks also to the bar service and some more support for the stewards called to contain the flow of users on the beach.

The situation in Ostia ponente is totally different: here we are at the open-air construction site. From the Anema and Core lido to the Port, in fact, the free beach model conceived by the 5 Star Movement works intermittently: the poles are present in alternate sections, some accesses are supervised and others are not, those who go to the beach without poles ” it is at your own risk “(says the steward) and suddenly, at the height of the ex Happy Surf, an unused bulldozer and sand spreader are the backdrop for a group of children playing there, in defiance of safety.

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