Ostia, Carlo Picchereddu worker died on the job


Tragedy in Ostia Nuova where Carlo Picchereddu, a 59-year-old worker, died at work in an accident at work. It happened via Umberto Grosso, in the afternoon of June 3, after 4pm. Some residents who alerted the scene while the man was working on the maintenance of the facade of a building sounded the alarm.

On the spot the firefighters of Ostia, the 118 medical staff, the carabinieri, the local police of the X Mare Group and the state police and the ASL that investigates. According to a first reconstruction, the accident occurred when Carlo Picchereddu was about to end his shift. The fall from the third floor was fatal to him.

It is not excluded that the collapse of a scaffolding bank would have caused the fatal accident. Carlo Picchereddu, of Sardinian origin, was known in the area and residing in the nearby via Antonio Forni, a few meters from the scene of the tragedy. The body was made available to the judicial authorities.

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