Ossola 24 – Bicycle thieves, the series continues: three thefts in 72 hours. Ebikes and mountain bikes are gone


burglar thief

BEURA- 07-06-2020– In three days they occurred

three bicycle thefts, all in the district of the municipality of Beura Cardezza. In the three cases that followed in 72 hours, unknown persons forced more than one home. Specifically in the first case, a garage, managing to steal 2 ebikes and a mountain bike.

The following days, some targeted another home nearby, where they first tried to force a garage, always aiming for a pedal-assisted bike, but finding it difficult to break in, they folded back onto a simple women’s bike. owners, but less protected. Both cases were reported to the police. In the third theft, in three days, a car always parked near Beura was opened, subtracting its valuable contents inside, that is, wallet and other personal effects.

A previous case had been reported in Montecrestese, with the theft of a first bicycle from a garage, last week.

The expensive motor and non-motor bikes have attracted the attention of more than one attacker in recent months in the province. Moreover, the attempts to protect the bikes by leaving them in the car or installing anti-theft devices seem to be worthless, in previous cases the bikes ended up in the hands of the bad guys, perhaps specialized in this type of theft. Especially in this period of rediscovery of the two wheels, in the electrical field.

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