Osimhen-Napoli, all done! Agreement reached with the footballer on the basis of 4 mln per year. Lille will go 60 million


Calciomercato Napoli: Victor Osimhen is made for the new purchase! The Nigerian striker has reached an agreement with Napoli for the future, replacing Milik

Naples transfer market – As reported by colleagues from the Nigerian portal Owngoalnigeria.com, the African attacker, Victor Osimhen of the Lille, would have already reached an agreement with Naples for a five year period.


Transfer market: Osimhen-Napoli, all done

Osimhen was convinced after having had reassurance about his possible use in the blue shirt. He was told that the number 99 will be sold, Milik, and that for him the doors of a starting position would open. The footballer would have accepted a five-year period of 4 million per year and Lille was offered a figure of approximately 60 million, already accepted by the French team itself.

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