Orange vests, fake news and insults at the event without rules in Rome: “The pandemic is a boiata. Admissions for excessive use of masks”


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Offenses against unspecified “them” than “collaborate with Satan“, Claims on the “that does not exist” epidemic and attacks on “Bibbiano deniers“. And then mixed insults aimed a little at everyone: the government, the banks, Europe, of course also the President of the Republic and that of the council. After the complaints are remedied Milan, the orange vests of Antonio Pappalardo they stop at Rome. They are a few hundred, they stop in Piazza del Popolo, where the leaders of the meeting met in the morning center. In that case a demonstration caused a sensation that from virtual turned into a procession without rules: crowd is gatherings to listen Matteo Salvini is Giorgia Meloni. At the event of the orange vestsinstead, a record is recorded: they have all been violated, but all, the anti-contagion rules. In very few wore masks in the crowd, none of the speakers had one. The orange leader also claimed it with his usual style: “Whoever wears the mask takes slaps, there are already gods hospitalizations for excessive use of the masks“. The images of the square, however, seem to come directly from pre-infection period: there are not many people – less than a thousand, probably – but they are all completely stuck without any personal protective equipment.

Just a few days ago the same attitude cost a complaint to the former general Pappalardo. But that does not give up and relaunches with its usual script seasoned with threats, jokes and fake news: “It’s a boiled this pandemic. In Milan they said that the Lombards in the square did not have masks? And I said because they love each other“. It looks like a candid camera, a provocation organized at the table and instead it is yet another tragicomic show of Italian politics. “It is important to re-establish the human relationship, we all embrace. Can I get coronavirus? And let’s see, apparently the virus is afraid of me and will not attack me, “says the leader of the grungy orange revolution. “We were forced to live in our homes as inmates – he continues – while rascals sell our country to foreign powers”. What are you talking about? It is not known, however, it is an opportunity to quote a bit of random fascism: “Mussolini during the march on Rome has not stopped anyone, but we want to stop, they stopped our buses to not let us manifest” .

As always, the intervention of the former military, already Undersecretary for Finance of Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (it seems absurd but it’s the truth), it is multicolored and without any kind of ratio. He threatens his own supporters (“If you are not in the square tomorrow I cut your ears“), If he takes it out on imaginary enemies who according to him would like to try him for his hoarse voice (” my voice is like this because I represent you who are pissed off “) invites the public to rebel against the eternal occult powers (” People, quit from the shell, go down to the square, rebel! “). Obviously the enemies are everywhere and always have very powerful means: “Sorry if the speakers don’t work well but we don’t have the money for them“, Says the former carabiniere several times to his people. Then he accuses “the head of state and government” of doing “very serious crimes”Without ever specifying which ones. After a moment he changes his mind and makes a distinction: “They are all employed, including the head of state who turns his head away. And the head of the government with very serious crimes and he must answer with his head“. That hint of the head excites the public.

Pappalardo gases and uncomfortable Falcone and Borsellino because – he says – “if they were alive they would arrest these cialtroni”. Which cialtroni? Then he takes it out on Matteo Salvini. The reason? “Nicola Porro called me for an interview, but Salvini’s phone call arrived he stole my interview. It’s a theft, Salvini don’t think you can do what he wants. Nobody stops us. ” So new attack Vasco Rossiguilty of having beaten the orange on social media: “Vasco Rossi, you better sing”, threatens the orange caudillo. The audience answers with certainty: “Vasco Rossi is a freemason “. Standing ovation when the former general asked to approve the measures symbol of his movement by show of hands: “Via the Conte government, elect a new Parliament with a new electoral law, print our national currency, the Lira!”. The crowd intoned the chorus: “Lira, Lira”.

All finished? Not even for an idea. After Pappalardo it’s up to the other “managers”. “We are waging war on windmills, do we have to wake up or are we talking about a caz ..? “asks – rhetorically – such a Dario. THE descamisados dell’Aperol applaud: swear words are especially popular. The young man raises and provokes showing contempt for danger: “If i’m crazy these people are crazy like me. Do us all the Tso. There Pandemic never existed“. The satisfied audience shouts “freedom“,”we want to be free“, But it is not clear from what and by whom. Another speaker, one Stefano: “We are here for the freedom of thought because we want to decide how to live we are perfectly aware that there has been a health emergency, we do not discuss this, but there must be no obligations because otherwise everything turns into a dictatorship “. Soft intervention, zero offenses and insults, the crowd complains: “We are not interested in this chatter.” Mr Pine tree, presented as one of Pappalardo’s loyalists, explains what the objective of the vests is: “After the impeachment at Parliament and Mattarella, we will replace them.” It makes you smile, but perhaps it is better to avoid it. Pappalardo is still someone who managed to get himself appointed undersecretary.

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