Orange Business Services officially arrives in Italy on the Open Fiber FTTH network –


Today, 12 June 2020, the official confirmation of the strategic agreement between Orange Business Services and Open Fiber for the supply of ultra-wideband services on the FTTH fiber network.

Orange Business Services, a subsidiary of the French operator Orange, will therefore arrive in Italy through Open Fiber’s ultra-broadband network for the provision of its services.

As stated by the wholesale operator led by Elisabetta Ripa, the partnership will allow the supply of Orange’s advanced digital applications that they include cloud services, data analytics, data management platform and IoT for companies, public administrations and city communities.

The Orange Business Services offering will also include enhanced collaboration which will also be based on hybrid cloud to facilitate the interaction between various applications on different platforms.

A key role in the agreement presented today will be played by solutions for the Smart City.

According to what has been declared, in fact, the two companies are exploring offers in this area to promote better management of the needs of municipalities, for example in terms of public lighting, parking lots, and security monitoring through CCTV cameras.

Below is the comment by Elisabetta Ripa, CEO of Open Fiber, on the agreement with Orange Business Services and on the new business plan of your company:

“The agreement with Orange Business Services testifies to the clear and inevitable choice of the two companies to focus on FTTH, technology in which they are both on the European podium. With the update of the business plan, Open Fiber will pay particular attention to the business world, given the growing demand for ultra-broadband connection by businesses. The partnership with Orange Business Services is a recognition of the effective commercial strategy that Open Fiber is pursuing and of its increasingly important role in the national and international scene. “

Francesca Puggioni, Managing Director Souther Europe of Orange Business Servicesinstead added:

“The innovative and highly advanced offer of Orange Business Services finds its ideal partner in the Open Fiber project: changing the scenario of high-speed connectivity in Italy is essential for the development of value-added services. Our Engage2025 strategic plan is guided by the desire to support national and international companies with a co-innovation model, in order to develop innovative digital services for the benefit of business, employees and the entire community, in line with the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy at the heart of our corporate identity. “

Open Fiber reminds that through its network it will allow Orange Business Services client companies to navigate at the highest speeds available, up to 100 Gigabit per second, with particularly reduced latency.

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