“Only scrap and boats of immigrants, we no longer work” – Libero Quotidiano


A video published by Matteo Salvini on Twitter. A video sent by the fishermen of Lampedusa and that the leader of the League defines “crazy“. In the pictures, you see what they caught: a boat, a scrap used by smugglers and immigrants. And the fisherman’s voiceover comments: “Here is the situation in Lampedusa. Look what we take from the sea: instead of fish we take Turkish boats, boats of illegal immigrants – he says exasperated -. We can’t work anymore. In Lampedusa only Tunisian bottom boats of illegal immigrants are fished. You can’t work anymore: broken canvas, split canvas. We must now take off because we can’t take it anymore. “Yes, because” catching “a scrap wrecks the equipment of the fishermen, who report that they can no longer work.

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