Determined: Italian football starts again, and there are also the dates of the individual matches. For the Fiorentina the debut will be on the evening of Monday 22 June, when Franchi will arrive on Brescia. A game that means a lot for Vincenzo Guerini, double ex both as a footballer and later on the bench. We asked the ex club manager lily various issues related to the game and more generally also in the resumption of the league and multiple aspects concerning the future of the lily club. These are his exclusive words to

In theory, the one with Brescia is an affordable challenge. Will it really be like this?

“I have my doubts, looking at many factors. Above all the physical condition and the mental reaction to the pandemic and what it entailed. I am curious to see, I don’t know if the values ​​will come out at the first, also because here we are not it was like Germany or France where, even with different choices, they immediately decided. Here an Italian classic has been postponed for a long time, not to mention certain controversies … “.

Like the match time one?

“If the laborers or those who work in the sun even in summer heard them … With everything that happened it seems incredible to me.”

Did Italian football respond to the height of the emergency?

“Everyone has drawn water to their mill, the only excuse I can give is that nobody was in the least ready for all this. There is still a risk that remains, that of not knowing yet how it will end. We look forward to “.

Moving on to purple themes: do you think Iachini really plays everything in this finale?

“It makes me laugh, because whoever makes the coach knows that everything is played every Sunday. If Iachini beats Brescia, here he will start to say that he deserves confirmation, otherwise not. But for me it is already written: Fiorentina, if she wants to change, must take one who does not allow discussions. Spalletti, or Allegri, to give two examples “.

It would be a further indicator of the ambitions of this new property.

“In my opinion, at this moment Fiorentina, as a club, is approaching the two-three best in Italy. The right players and the time will be needed to win, but it seems to me that in this year that Commisso and Barone arrived, they have already studied and understood many things of Italian football. Of course someone is not helping them … “.

Talk about stadium?

“Yes, since the days of the Della Valle I have heard certain speeches. They are always the same things, and only in Italy do they happen. In the end I have my doubts what will be done: I do, however, as I did for the DVs, I need to a stadium owned to be able to make its investments fruit. For my feeling, I would like Fiorentina to play in a modernized Franchi, also for a matter of nostalgia, of memories to which I am attached “.

Finally, on the market: Guerini, do you think they will be able to weigh the expenses planned in winter by Fiorentina? I think of the substantial investments in Amrabat, Kouame, Duncan …

“However, it is still not possible to understand what will be and how much prices will change, what strength they will have. Fiorentina moved in advance and took a player, Amrabat, whom I like very much, for example. If there was an economic collapse, then everything could really change. Fiorentina, however, has an ace up its sleeve, and there are many young players of value: it would be enough to sell one to readjust … “.

… One at random?

“Yes, yes, Church. If he wants to go and they pay him the right amount, he can leave for me. Also because as I see it, never hold back those who don’t want to be.”

But is it still worth all that money?

“If it drops, it will be little. Also because this depends a lot on the needs of each one, and in my opinion Commisso has the strength to resist, unlike others that I believe will be forced to sell.”



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