On the run to the Caribbean thanks to false identities, eight fugitives arrested, there is also the former president of Padova Calcio


The Caribbean “vacation” is over. They were brought back home and just landed in Fiumicino, the arrest was triggered. Their stage 3 awaits them, destination the prison they had escaped from. Distinguishing marks: eight Italians with new identities and a past to be erased. They counted that they had circumvented both justice and the harmful consequences of the coronavirus. Instead, they have been framed by investigations and police missions, carabinieri and financiers of SCIP, the International Police Cooperation Service.Among them, the former president of Padova Calcio who built resorts around the world, the Camorrista who recycles dirty capitals of the Contini clan, and then the Sicilian jewelry robber specialized in scams for the elderly, the entrepreneur of the north on the run after leaving chasms financial, the cocaine drug dealer who had now set up a chain of renowned restaurants, the person in charge of bankruptcy, the suspect of counterfeiting.
The eight fugitives were identified after close research directly between the white sands and the secrets of a completely new golden life, rooted in the Dominican Republic, the State of Central America overlooking Haiti, the Atlantic Ocean and the Antilles Sea. A baptized blitz Open World, conducted with the collaboration of the network of security experts operating in 65 countries around the world: that is, the operational antennas of the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police, led by the prefect Vittorio Rizzi.Accompanying them to their respective cells today are the charges ranging from mafia-type criminal association to scams for the elderly, from international drug trafficking, to fraudulent bankruptcy, with penalties ranging from 4 to over 13 years of imprisonment.

Expelled from the government of Santo Domingo (there is no extradition treaty between the two countries) as “unwelcome” guests, they arrived this morning with the “dedicated” flight, escorted by police, carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza. Operation already ready in March, but Covid was blowing everything up: the off limits call, the curfew on the island, the fear of the epidemic.

Eight fugitives from different stories, and a certainty in common: they thought they had got away with it. The best known in the area of ​​the capital was Luca Finocchiaro, A 43 year old from Latina, wanted for a prison order issued by the Court of Rome: he is considered the head of the criminal organization that imported cocaine into Italy thanks to his complicit relations with the Dominican departure airport and the availability of Italian couriers. But Finocchiaro was now the life of the entrepreneur: he had opened fish restaurants of “the highest level”, it was read in the online comments, the largest restaurant right in the heart of the city of Santo Domingo.

And among its suppliers there were two other important names on the list of eight: Salvatore Vittorio, 55 years old, Neapolitan, considered the recycling man of Edoardo Contini’s powerful Camorra clan in Central America, and Salvatore Galluccio, another Neapolitan of the group, 52 years old, also already convicted and wanted for drug trafficking, counterfeiting, receiving stolen goods. From criminals to expert managers of Italian food, “quality” of course. Even if Vittorio betrayed himself immediately: when he saw himself surrounded, he feared for his life, he thought they were enemies of clans and not the 007 of the Scip.

Villa with garden, swimming and wealthy friends for the new life of Teresa Amante, 57 years old, who had a new identity to cover Sicilian origins, sentenced in seven proceedings in different places in Italy (in Genoa, Rome, Palermo, Rapallo, Albenga) for over 13 years in prison. She is a scam professional: she had made jewels and money disappear from the homes of many elderly ladies, with a run-in script and a lot of information collected on the victims.

He had found his new business and Eldorado staff also Oliviero Zilio, the 67 year old well-known building contractor from the north east, sentenced to over 4 years in prison for fraudulent bankruptcy and financial crimes in Catanzaro. Former vice-president of Padova Calcio, he is accused of having diverted 2 million and 400,000 euros from his real estate companies: in Calabria he had already built a tourist center, and so in the Dominican Republic he built a resort about 60 km from the capital, the small “kingdom “golden where it was stopped.

Same surprise for Luigi Capretto, 50 years old, another Neapolitan, also an eight-year sentence for drug trafficking, but in the meantime he was perfectly integrated: in the Caribbean new wife, a 13-year-old daughter, in addition to the children always had by another Dominican now residing in Italy.

Life of commerce and catering also for Sergio Cerioni, 64 year old from the Marches, always pushed on exotic banks by a drug conviction.

But the wealthiest, record 007, is Alessandro Levi, the 63 year old businessman from Brescia, already sentenced by the Brescia Court, 6 years to serve, for fraudulent bankruptcy. For years he had settled in Las Terrenas, perfectly integrated into the standard of living of “fugitive” westerners: the villa, a jeep, the motorbike, but he was cultivating a new project, opening a liquor store. Although, apparently, he didn’t need to drink to forget the outstanding accounts of his old life.

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