On the Ftse Mib NEXI explodes upwards on rumors of extraordinary operations. Invest on the stock?


On a day when the Ftse Mib travels with the handbrake pulled, the NEXI title stands out for a bullish explosion, gaining over 3%. This strength of the stock, however, does not come unexpectedly, in the last year, in fact, NEXI shares have outperformed both the reference sector and the Italian market, gaining about 70%.

The bullish explosion of these days, however, could have another reason. As reported by IlSOle24Ore, in fact, there are steps forward in the negotiations for the merger with SIA.

During the lockdown period, the consultants of the two parties made progress on how to proceed with the merger. As usual, the knot is that of exchanges between the parties. Especially when the merger takes place between a listed company, whose value is determined by the market, and one whose value must be determined on the basis of the prospective economic indicators and international multiples of the reference sector.

Recall that the consultants in the field are Jp Morgan and Rothschild for Sia and the parent company Cdp; and Bofa Merrill Lynch, Hsbc and Mediobanca for NEXI and the funds that hold the majority.

This merger is very important especially in the current historical context in which digital payments are becoming increasingly important.

Finally, remember that NEXI will acquire Intesa Sanpaolo’s acquiring business with the latter that will acquire 9.9% of NEXI itself.

Ftse Mib: focus on NEXI according to the graphic and forecast analysis?

NEXI shares (MIL: NEX) closed the session on 17 June at € 15.35, up 3.09% on the end of the previous session.

A bullish projection is underway on the weekly time frame that has no more obstacles along the path leading to the 1st price target in the area of ​​€ 16.3035. A weekly close above this level, then, would open the doors to a stretch towards the € 24.11 area for a rise of about 50% from the current levels. The maximum extension of the current increases is found at € 32 (3rd price target) for a potential increase of 100%.

Only weekly closings of less than € 12.7352 would put the bullish scenario in crisis.


NEXI: bullish projection in progress on the weekly time frame. The blue line represents the running bisector levels; the red line the levels of The New Law of Vibration.


For further information on the NEXI title click here.

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