On June 12, 1929 Anna Frank was born, here is the only video in which she appears


The clip shows the girl looking out the window of her home in Amsterdam in 1941 | CorriereTv

Born in Germany, in Frankfurt am Main, on June 12, 1929, the Jewish girl Anne Frank (the German name was Anne) has become the symbol of the innocent victims of the Shoah. She fled with her family to Holland where in 1942, following the German invasion, she went underground. The very young Anna, forced to live locked up, finds comfort by keeping a diary. For two years he talks about himself, tells his troubles, writes short stories. At some point a new draft begins with a view to a possible publication after the war. But on August 4, 1944 the illegal immigrants were discovered and arrested by the Nazis. Deported to the camps of Auschwitz and then to Bergen Belsen, Anna died of typhus in March 1945. (her story here). There is only one video of Anna in which she looks out the window of her home in Amsterdam in 1941, during the passage of two spouses.

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