official, we go back to school on September 14th. Distance of one meter between students / Here are the guidelines


Regions and Local Authorities, at the end of the State-Regions Conference, have given the green light to the new guidelines for returning to school from September. The guidelines were then presented during one Press conference from Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina, flanked by President of the Council Giuseppe Conte.

Coronavirus: schools, one meter away from students

The schools they will reopen on 1 September for the recovery courses. The real return to class, however, has been set for September 14th.

Confirmed on social distance of one meter between students. The draft document reads “the physical distancing, understood as a meter between the pupils’ mouths (mouths, editor’s note), remains a point of primary importance in prevention actions”.

The agreement also provides for iestablishment of Conferences of Services, on initiatives of the competent local authority, with the involvement of school leaders “Aimed at analyzing the critical issues of educational institutions that insist on the territory”. Objective of the Conferences, collect requests from schools with particular reference to spaces, furnishings, construction, in order to identify methods, interventions and solutions that take into account the resources available in the area in response to the needs expressed.


As for the masks, the Committee Scientific Technician, you read in the draft, “at least two weeks before beginning of the school year, will update, in consideration of the changed epidemiological picture, their own directions about to the use of personal protective equipment for the students and for the teachers inside the classroom, and / or in the movements and in the stay in common rooms “.

Saturday at school?

The classes will be divided more groups of learning, could be differential shifts established depending on school grades, with extension of the timetable until the Saturday. If properly planned, secondary schools will also be able to use the didactics to distance, but only in a manner complementary. In this regard, including Saturday, the individual schools will decide.

Each institution will be able to take advantage of the various possibilities proposed by the Ministry, organizing the internal spaces and external in such a way that avoid gatherings at the entrance is exit. The start and end times of school activities should therefore be staggered, while the auxiliary staff will take care of the activities of hospitality is supervision.

Lucia Azzolina – Minister of Education

“The lines guide that we present today and that the country wait for days are very important. We have them shared with all the world of the school. I’m guidelines immediately operational. We were told that the exams of If we were in presence we would not have made them. We did it, now we have to go one step further, bring everyone back to class in September. All in safety. And we have been doing it since September 1st, with the students that have had some difficulty with learning. The official opening will then take place on the 14th.

What will schools be like in September? Clean, first of all. We have to to maintain the meter of distancing, to maintain staggered entrances for avoid gatherings. We will do training of the staff, with a view to prevention and behavior responsible.

It is clear that if we need a meter of distancing we need to spaces. So what did we do? We have created a software to know how many square meters we have for each class, for each teaching room, for each gym, for each auditorium, in our schools. Based on these data, to date, compared to that meter of distance, I have about the 15% of students that I have to take out of school buildings.

To bring that 15% off, we first work on existing school buildings, with works of light construction. Is there a window to move? A panel to do? A wing of the school closed? If that were not enough, we took the 3 thousand school buildings that had been decommissioned due to the school sizing. But that’s not enough. School in September must reopen in a different, new, inclusive perspective.

I have received specific requests. We bring our students to museums, in archives, in libraries, in cinema, in theaters, Let’s make the students breathe there culture. Why not, bring younger children to the park.

We need more staff, teacher is not teacher. We can hire up to 50 thousand more people on fixed-term contracts, in addition to the normal staff. And this summer we will also hire indefinitely based on retirements.

Regional elections on 20-21 September? We the September 14 report all to school. There is an ongoing debate with those who want make the decision to use other premises beyond the schools. There secondary school is not affected by the elections. They will be the Local societies, together with Ministry of Interior, to decide if you can use other premises besides the schools for the elections “.

Giuseppe Conte – President of the Council of Ministers

“We will return to school on September 14th. Closing schools was a painful decision, but it was one matter of necessity. We are aware of the efforts required of families. Nobody should doubt that school is at the center of government action. We will continue to invest more and more ”.

Ilaria Cavo – Liguria Region Councilor for Education

“School has always been one for us priority – said councilor Cavo – We were the first to close it in the moment of emergency and we wanted to be the first to reopen it, therefore we chose the earliest date, Monday 14 September, which coincides with the first day of the week e goes in continuity with past years where he always got half the month off. For students, teachers and their families it is an important sign of a return to normal ”.

We wanted to insure a back to school in presence in the most normal situation possiblee: a school where it will be possible to have a canteen service and where, if the epidemiological condition allows it, it will also be possible to be in the classroom without the masks.

Also this time, the regions that have the perception of the real needs of the territories, of the local bodies owners of the school buildings but above all of the families have contributed to giving concrete answers to the citizens and this is why we consider ourselves satisfied with the result achieved; this does not mean that we will lower our guard so that there is a restart that meets the criteria of safety and well-being for pupils, teachers and school staff. The school it is the future and it will always be at the center of our work and at the top of my agenda “.

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