Official ColorOS 7.2: all the news with OPPO Reno 4


oppo coloros 7.2

Often the presentation of the new reference smartphones for a brand is accompanied by a refresh of the proprietary UI. It also happened with the launch of OPPO Reno 4 and 4 Pro, with whom the ColorOS 7.2. Although it is not a major update, the new software version includes several new features, especially dedicated to improving the photographic experience.

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OPPO Reno 4 presented together with ColorOS 7.2: all the news

Super Night Scene Video

Together with Huawei, OPPO is one of the main pioneers of the Night mode in the photographic field. Consequently, the video sector is also starting to receive the same treatment. OPPO has developed a special algorithm called “Moonlight Night Scene Video“, Designed for making videos at night with better quality. According to the company, this allows for improved brightness by 74% and increased clarity by 34%.

Movie Mode

Like Xiaomi’s Vlog mode, OPPO has also introduced its own Soloop Video Editor, within which a Movie Mode has been added. This allows the recording of post-produced videos in the same app. In addition to recording them in 21: 9 format, the user can choose from 10 kinematic filters, templates and adjust parameters such as exposure, shutter speed and more.

oppo coloros 7.2

Super Power Saving Mode

Speaking of autonomy, in ColorOS 7.2 a functionality has been added more advanced energy saving. According to OPPO data, by activating it you can use WeChat for 90 minutes with only 5% of battery.

oppo coloros 7.2

AI App Pre-Launch

In terms of performance, ColorOS 7.2 wants to improve daily responsiveness, improving the opening speed of the most used apps. The system will analyze user behavior and, based on its routine, will give a preference lane to the most used apps.

oppo coloros 7.2

AI Repair

A particular feature introduced in ColorOS 7.2 is the ability of improve the quality of old photos. It will thus be possible to immortalize an image taken from an old album of memories and the software will take care of removing noise, blurring and so on.

oppo coloros 7.2


On the occasion of the Google I / O 2019, OPPO was announced as one of the manufacturers to be involved in the CameraX API project. Now with ColorOS 7.2 the company has updated its SDK, with which third-party apps can interface to have deeper access to the photo module. By doing this, for example, it is possible to implement the wide-angle sensor natively in an app, for example.

oppo coloros 7.2

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