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The sentence was unanimous. All political forces expressed solidarity with Marco Stella (Forza Italia), vice president of the Regional Council of Tuscany, who fell victim to a bad squad episode. Let’s see what happened. Yesterday morning, while he was outside the market of Sant’Ambrogio in Piazza Ghiberti, in Florence, two men and a woman with a pit bull approached him, covering him with insults and threats. Stella at that time was engaged in a live Facebook, for verify and report the state of degradation outside the market. One of the three, says the regional councilor, also spat on his mobile phone (the scene of the attack at 15.40 minutes of the video on Fb).

I feared the worst – said the representative of Forza Italia -, I reported the incident at the police headquarters and together with my lawyer I am considering filing a formal complaint. I find the episode very serious not so much because it happened to me, but as it shows how difficult it is to do politics in the street among people in Florence: there are more and more criminals who would like to prevent civil and democratic confrontation on the problems that afflict the city . I have the right, and the duty, to report degradation situations to those who administer Florence, I was elected for this, to represent citizens. It is not acceptable for such incidents to repeat, all the more so now that the electoral campaign for the renewal of the regional council begins. ”

One of the moments of verbal aggression against Marco Stella

“The policy made among the people is now a value practiced by a few, and the colleague and vice-president of the Regional Council of Tuscany Marco Star it is among them, ”says the group leader of Forza Italia Maurizio Marchetti. “All my solidarity goes to Marco for the verbal aggression he suffered. Obviously being among people annoys certain people, but this has nothing to do with politics. Politics knows no enemies, only adversaries, and finds its salt in dissent. No to all violence, solidarity with your friend and colleague Star who certainly does not let his work at the service of people be scratched by the troublemakers, the violent or the agitated “.

“What happened is very serious,” says the president of the regional council Eugenio Giani, candidate of the Democratic Party for the presidency of Tuscany. “To Vice President Marco Star all my personal solidarity and that of the entire Council goes, for a shameful manifestation of cowardice and violence towards those who, among other things, were doing politics and therefore exercising one of the fundamental functions of our democracy “.

“I express personal and political solidarity on behalf of the Democratic Party group to Marco Star and I condemn the act of violence he suffered, “he says in a note Leonardo Marras, Pd group leader in the Region. “I believe that the Regional Council must act, in the forms and in the due places, to protect the right of each councilor to carry out his activity, which in this case has concerned that of the vice president Star and which refer to the rights that belong to all citizens’ representatives, to all those who perform a political and institutional function. I hope, in the interest of democracy and the maintenance of a climate of civil confrontation, that these episodes will not repeat themselves. ”

“The climate of intolerance and social tension that dirties and pollutes politics is also worrying,” he notes Stefano Mugnai, deputy group leader of Forza Italia in the Chamber. “With us, however, no violence finds a neighborhood. For this reason, in my personal name and from all Forza Italia, I express solidarity with the Vice-President of the Tuscan Regional Council Marco Star that this morning suffered an attack in the center of Florence just as it did its duty: to give citizens a voice and representation “.

Solidarity also from the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella (Pd): “No type of violence, not even verbal, can be accepted in a city like Florence that has made dialogue its strength”.

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