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Six new positives, which make 41 the infections in the new outbreak that occurred in Rome nell’Irccs San Raffaele Pisana. It is enough to convince the prosecutor to order an inspection by the Carabinieri of the Nas. A preliminary investigation, which will allow investigators to understand if it is necessary to open an investigation file. In the coming days, the military will go to the facility to check medical records, medical records, but also to check whether the health regulations and, above all, those for the prevention of contagion have been respected. Even if from San Raffaele reiterate that “on the contrary, all national and regional provisions issued to protect patients and operators from the risk of contagion have been scrupulously respected and applied COVID-19».

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Rome, outbreak at San Raffaele, patient zero is an operator: infected in May. Queued for tests, they will make 1800

Virus, 11 new cases in Rome. San Raffaele alert: you are positive, the total rises to 41

Yet something seems to have gone wrong. Meanwhile, the serological tests started yesterday morning for all patients discharged from the facility from 18 May and for their closest contacts. And many showed up: the drive-in at Forlanini was practically stormed, many queued up in the car, and some on foot. So much so that the local police had to close the stretch of road in front of the entrance for about an hour due to the risk of gatherings. The Region plans to perform over 1,800 tests to monitor the new cluster. “This outbreak shows that we must not lower the level of attention and we must maintain compliance with the protocols”, stressed the councilor for health of the Lazio region, Alessio D’Amato, explaining that of the 41 positive cases registered so far in the structure “24 are referring to transferred patients, one is a deceased patient, 9 are employees and 7 are external “. The first case dates back to the beginning of May, “they are operators of the structure”, added the councilor, reiterating that it is a “limited outbreak”. The structure was in fact isolated through the sanitary cordon disposed by the Lazio Region. Nobody enters and nobody exits without the authorization of the Asl.

The Irccs Pisana is not the first structure of the San Raffaele group where clusters of Covid-19 were registered: the most delicate situation, on which the prosecutor of Velletri investigates, was at the San Raffaele di Rocca di Papa, where he registered a high number of deaths and infections. But now the case of Pisana has also arrived in the public prosecutor’s office. In Rome, the assistant prosecutor Nunzia D’Elia is already investigating two other structures: the Giovanni XXIII in via Galeffi, Ardeatino, where the first community outbreak of the capital was recorded, and Villa Fulvia, the clinic in via Appia Nuova. Adding the cases recorded in the two centers, there are five deaths and more than one hundred positive.

Meanwhile, also in the Pisan area, the Region intends to check with an internal audit not only if all the anti-Covid procedures have been followed to perfection, but also the chain of checks on patients and operators. From what has been reconstructed so far by the epidemiological investigation, the outbreak would have started from a physiotherapist found positive already on May 3. In this case, according to the direction of San Raffaele, Asl Rm3 would have committed a lightness by forgetting to trace the contacts of the physiotherapist, to better circumscribe the infection.

Furthermore, an experiment is underway within the clinic, which is a scientific research institute, which involves three remote swabs and sample antibody control, already carried out on 250 health workers and 200 patients. An experiment which, they explain from the clinic, “is carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and which represents an additional internal check”. But that according to the Region would have no official authorization since the law provides that it is the Spallanzani ethics committee to give approval to the experiments, an opinion that has never been given to San Raffaele. In short, if even a patient discharged on May 29 was positive and the family members, something could have escaped inside the clinic.

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